Land of the Freaks

The land of the free is devolving into the land of the freaks. Like a stinking fish, the rot starts at the head.

Land of the Freaks

The state of US politics is no laughing matter but unless you are prepared to laugh at it, you’d probably start to cry. The game is so stacked with buffoons, questionable ethics, shameless grifters and the walking dead that it is like a really bad soap opera.

US President Joe Biden continues to demonstrate his non-public dementia diagnosis almost every day.

Here he is, blanking out before claiming credit for the raid that killed Osama Bin laden.

He must have forgotten that nine years ago he told the President not to do it.

House Speaker, the cadaverous Nancy Pelosi has a husband with an uncanny knack of nailing big stock market winners.

He recently pocketed $5.3m on an Alphabet tech bet after anti-trust laws were watered down by the Democrat led congress and deemed to be no real threat to big tech.

He made some other spectacular gains in Amazon too when the US government pulled a contract from Microsoft…with the only likely beneficiary to be the web services giant.

It’s not the first time those close to the political action have proved uncannily prescient when it comes to stock trading.

A couple of Republicans who had inside knowledge of the Covid crisis sold millions in shares in January 2020,  just before the panedemic was made public.

Neither faced any charges.

Then there is the ongoing forensic audit of ballots from the 2020 US Presidential election.

Who knows what they’ll find…or indeed what the response will be if they do find some irregularities. However, the resistance to the audits by powerful figures suggest “the lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

There are also ongoing inquiries into the Jan 6 Capitol Hill debacle, Which has heard witnesses state that both the DC Mayor and Speaker Pelosi and the FBI refused the help of the National Guard prior to the event purely on political grounds

Again, the question would be why?

If they were told of a threat prior to the event, why would any authority entrusted with public safety reject the offer of assistance…or even erect a fence….to prevent harm being done?

It makes no sense, unless you are looking for some political advantage. Somehow I doubt we’ll ever know the truth.

Then there are the revelations made by FOX host Tucker Carlson that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on him and leaking the information gained from his private emails to journalists.

If this is true, and I do actually believe Carlson, this is an extraordinary intrusion by the deep state into a free media and a US citizen.

There’s also the targeting of former Trump adviser Rudi Giuliani. His home was recently raided by federal prosecutors.

Apparently they took 18 electronic devices during the raid but refused to take the computer hard drive allegedly containing evidence of child pornography and reputed to be from the Hunter Biden laptop.

Hunter Biden is the President’s son, whose scandalous laptop computer contents have been largely hushed up by the partisan media.

Most of the media ( and law enforcement) showed little interest in the crack smoking, dodgy business dealings, links to the Big guy (that’s Joe Biden himself) or the Biden’s sellout to the Chinese Communist Party.

Just another day in American politics apparently….nothing to see here.

There are so many other anomalies that make me ask, is America the country that it once was?

For decades it has been a beacon of liberty and the land of opportunity.

It was a place where a black man, with no real life experience, can become President while simultaneously accusing the nation of being racist. He is then free to make tens of millions of dollars writing books where most sentences start with the word  ‘I’.

Now, it has become a land where a white police officer daren’t apprehend a black looter for fear of causing race riots.

Thanks to laws in California, anyone can basically walk into your grocery store and take an armful of stuff and the police won’t do anything to stop them. Even store security have been told not to apprehend criminals.

All of this and more, is a product of poisonous identity politics that has hollowed out America's foundations and severely compromised this great nation.

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