Labor's Dog Whistle

Dog whistling is alive and well in our national parliament. But it's the Left who are doing what they often accuse others of.

Labor's Dog Whistle
Photo by John Price / Unsplash

You have probably heard people who follow politics talk about dog whistles.

They are the coded words or suggestive language designed to garner support from a particular constituent group while being also plausibly denied should they provoke opposition.

Accusations of dog-whistling are usually directed to those on the right side of politics by the political left.

This criticism is often prompted by any sensible talk about  the left's pet subjects - immigration, identity and sexuality.

When I was a politician, I remember being accused of dog whistling when I wrote about the importance of marriage to our society. To the double digit IQ Lefties, my support for this institution was actually a criticism of the unmarried then Prime Minister.

It was typical leftist stupidity but that’s what they do whenever confronted with inconvenient opposition.

It’s a similar accusation if you talk about the importance of immigration needing to be consistent with our country’s economic, social and cultural interests.

Apparently that is dog whistling to racists and white supremacists.

Again it is an absurd claim.

Why any self-respecting Australian patriot would want to bring people here who will be a financial burden to our society is beyond me.

So too if you think that our way of life is worth defending.

People want to come here because of our way of life so why import anyone who wants to change it to reflect the country they just left.

And yes, I know that migrants adding to our culture has been hugely beneficial. We all enjoy those benefits every single day.

But adding value is different to wanting to replace the existing structure, however , according to the Left, saying that is just dog whistling.

As I mentioned, it doesn't stop there.

Talking about the unique and important roles mums and dads play in a child's life is now homophobic dog whistling. Supporting the settled science of biology rather than individual mental projection is transphobic dog whistling.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.

Accusations of dog whistling is just another means that the left use to shut down discussion.

However the left are also very happy to send out their own ultrasonic signals to reassure their base.

Have a look at the governments press conferences. Have you ever noticed the Australian flag in the camera shot behind the PM or minister?

No, I’m not talking about the Aboriginal flag or Torres Strait flag, I am referring to the Australian flag that our diggers fought under.

I am sure its there but am yet to see it in prominent camera shot. That’s not only a dog whistle it’s an insult to our history and our nation..

In doing so, Labor are signalling they believe the primacy of Aboriginal history and culture over the culture and history that has delivered almost everything we have.

The rule of law, our governance, farming practices, values and ethics to name but a few.

Without European settlement Australia wouldn’t be the nation it is today. It gave us our nationhood back in 1901 and in turn gave us our flag.

But it’s not just Labor who are dissing our heritage.

The taxpayer funded anti-Australian wokesters known as the Australian Greens are in the same camp. Well at least one of them is.

Here’s the office of the Greens member for Ryan - Elizabeth Watson Brown.

Notice anything missing? I do. The flag that united us all since Federation.

It’s funny how these pious, anti-Australian Greens accept the baubles of office, the money, staff, cars, privilege and position that is a direct product of what they claim to despise.

That flag deserves better than relegation to a bit player on the national political stage and we deserve better than the hypocrites who refuse to display it.

I’ll tell you what else deserves better….every Australian Taxpayer.

We heard so much this week about the record low unemployment rate.

How much did you hear about what the definition of employed is? Incredibly, if you work one single hour per week then you are officially not unemployed.

So too if you have given up looking for work. While you can be sponging off the welfare system you are not one of the unemployed statistics.

And what about the 13.7 million Australians who are deemed to be working in March 2022, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. That’s a little over half of our population.

Let that sink in for a moment. Nearly 50% of Australians are not counted as working.

If you think that’s bad, Things get even worse.

The latest ABS data shows 2,100,800 of those working are employed by commonwealth, state and local  governments.

That’s a whopping 15% of those working more than one hour per week and it comes at a cost of over 182 billion dollars.

But wait, there’s more.

There is another cohort of people who work because of government. They aren’t technically public servants but owe their jobs to government funding or regulations. Think about Australia Post, the NBN team and anyone attached to the crazed green regulations.

I’m referring to the sort of things that make no sense. The energy efficiency inspection of your new home build for example. Why should you have to pay thousands to be told how energy efficient your home might be? You’ll be picking up the heating, lighting and cooling bills anyway.

Then there is the six monthly inspection of the kettle in your business as a possible danger, the bloke who monitors the exit light battery and so on.

All these jobs are created by government and just like the public servants, the poor taxpayer is picking up the cost.

I’m guessing that takes the tally of those working in government employment to more than 20 percent….maybe even as high as a quarter of the Australian workforce.

That means a little over a third of our nation are working in, what I would define as free enterprise.

If you’re like me, you’ll find these simply appalling numbers but I bet they won’t even be discussed at next week’s job and skills summit.

Incredibly, the opposition don’t seem to want to raise them either.

Finally, before we get into a cracking show, you may have heard about the podcast confession of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg today.

He admitted censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story at the request of the FBI prior to the US Presidential election.

Are there still people out there who say there isn’t an unholy alliance of left leaning politicians, tech giants and the apparatus of state?

The FBI, the DOJ, the Democrats and their puppets in the media have disgraced themselves. I suspect there are many more than those involved but this shows, once again that the hard left will use whatever instruments are available to subvert democracy and entrench their own power.

I’ve told you before and here it comes again.

Your trusted authorities do not want you to know the truth.

Trust nothing, verify everything.

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