It's Not Our Fault

The exceptional skill of the Labor government is washing their hands of any responsibility for failure.

It's Not Our Fault
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

Nearly a year after being sworn in to government, the Albanese team is doing a good job of showing it isn’t up to the challenge.

Australia is beset by problems that need fixing and the Labor team seem intent on ‘reviewing’ them, which is just an excuse to delay decision making,  or making decisions which only make things worse.

Taking the big-picture view, their currency centrepiece is to  have an unnecessary referendum.  Whether the result is yes or no, it will be bad for Australia.

If we get a yes vote, then Australians will have enshrined a racial division into our founding document that will keep our courts busy for decades to come.

It will also add another layer of bureaucracy to our already over-governed land while ensuring almost every bit of legislation is scrutinised by a privileged cabal of the black elite.

These’ll likely be the same elites who have had a hand in the $32 billion in annual funding that flows into hundreds of Aboriginal organisations every year.

You reckon for that money we might have more to show for it?

We’d just have to compile an ‘aboriginal millionaire’ index to rival the BRW rich list to see how our money is well spent.

Maybe that’s one benefit if the Voice does get up.

I am confident it will mint some new entrants to Aboriginal industry rich list as the power is permanently entrenched.

But what if the referendum fails,  as it should.

Given the hyperbole already being used  by some of the activists,  Australians will be condemned as a bunch of racists who have set back race relations by 200 plus years.

That will be utter nonsense of course. In fact, it should be the other way around.

If Australians vote FOR this, they will be setting back race relations to pre-civil rights movement times.

Back then, personal judgement was meant to be based on the content of character as opposed to skin colour.

Today we can’t do that because we are told it’s being racist.

Think about the crime problems in Alice Springs.

I’m suggesting that calling these useless criminal losers, degenerates (or worse) based on their own behaviour is appropriate but many will claim it is racist.

Those that say that see only skin colour and that makes them the actual racists.

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