It's All About The Money

The Diversity and Inclusion agenda is becoming big business and those behind it are usually motivated by money rather than the 'movement'.

It's All About The Money
Photo by Amy Elting / Unsplash

If you want to cut through the spin to get to the real motives behind public posturing, it pays to follow the money.

It's rare to find a purely altruistic motive for public action as most people are always trying to make a buck.

Those influencers on social media want your eyeballs, not to improve your life but because it helps to improve their bank balance. They get paid to pose with products that trigger their fans to go out and buy.

It's the same with corporate advocacy. They'll never push anything for the good of the country, unless it happens to also be good for their bottom line.

Essentially, for individuals and organisations it's all about the money.

Sometimes it's s not always a case of making money immediately but supporting a cause that helps them to present a profile that will keep the cash flowing.

That's why so many woke corporates jumped on the BLM scam. By donating billions to this outfit of grifters, they signalled they are woke enough to not be cancelled.

In that respect the bosses thought giving money away would be good for business.

But the diversity and inclusion (D&I) movement is a big business in itself.

According to a Global News Wire report, the D&I market is worth around $10 billion Australian dollars and is growing at more than 12 percent per year.

That's why you have so many businesses jumping on the bandwagon. It's all about the money.

However, it does beg the question what actually is diversity and inclusion?

According to the Global News Wire report:

Inclusion is all about making the mix work together as a cohesive whole by respecting, welcoming and valuing the diversity of every individual's unique background, experiences, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, tradition, and most importantly perspectives.

That may be the official definition but it certainly isn't how it works in the real world.

Consider this celebrated 2017 video by the beer giant Heineken. It manages to flog both their product and the diversity agenda. In that sense it's brilliant.

However, the real message behind it is contained at the end.

The purpose of D&I is not to promote different viewpoints in the public square.

Rather it is to identify those with the wrong opinions and, under threat of penalty, allow them to admit how wrong they were, repent, submit and join the woke revolution.

It's almost unimaginable that a company like Heineken would present the black or transgender or climate change activist in this propaganda piece as being wrong.

Instead, it's the narrow-minded white male bigots who do the mea culpa. They, and only they, are guilty of thought crimes.

We see the same demand for conforming diversity in our government and on their ABC.

To them, diversity is different skin tones, gender identity and personal peccadilloes. It doesn't extend to a diversity of opinion.

In today's tolerant and diverse world we all have to think alike in order to get ahead.

Those that comply get the rewards and so for most of the promoters of woke, it's all about the money.

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