Is Truth Still Important?

Truth has now been dumped in favour of feelings. This only highlights how far we have fallen.

Is Truth Still Important?
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm / Unsplash

We live in a world where truth isn’t the most important thing. It’s how you make people feel that really matters.

This was brought home to me after playing footage of the Dalai Lama engaging in a revolting act with a child.

I called it out for the disgusting and perverted behaviour I consider it to be.

That prompted one angry viewer to send me an email which included  the following .

….your view on His Holiness the Dalai Lama greatly hurt my as well as my Family's feelings.

I know we live in a great democracy and everyone has the right of free speech, but I don't think someone has the right to hurt someone's feelings and sentiment (religion)

...I thought that you are better than this. It's so disgusting and I didn't really imagine that you can go very low.

That’s what we’ve become.

Calling out a perverted old bloke for asking a young boy to suck his tongue is now the problem. Not the incident itself.

And no, I didn’t insult anyone’s religion and I can only imagine how hurt this bloke's feelings would be if a teacher, a priest, an imam or even a buddhist monk tried this sick stuff on with his kid.

That’s what we have going on in so many areas of public life today. Hurt feelings trump are more important than having to think and use your brain cells.

This type of  attitude is everywhere.

Here’s Peter Dutton demonstrating exactly this problem this week. He calls out the sickening levels of abuse in some Aboriginal communities and then is attacked by their ABC.

At least Dutton fired back. That’s the leadership this country needs but did you notice something else?

The ABC reporter cites some organisations, who receive some of the $32 billion in taxpayer funds every year to stop these sorts of problems, who then claim  there is no real problem.

It’s a bit like asking the fox whether he’s taking good care of the hen house. What do you think he’s going to say?

Again, good on Peter Dutton and shame on their ABC. And shame on these outfits who do such a bad job on behalf of Aboriginal people in real distress.

That’s one area of failure that has been a feature of successive governments but it seems it is only the left who think there isn’t a truly serious problem.

And this is now becoming the hallmark of the Albanese government. I don’t think they take any of Australia’s problems seriously.  They certainly don’t seem to think their political promises should be honoured.

We’ve all given up on our $175 reduction in our electricity bills. I can only guess they misspoke when they promised it so many times during the campaign and actually meant to say they would be going up by that amount instead.

If that were true it would still be a broken promise because they are going up by more than that and things will only get worse.

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