National broadcasters have veered away from their Charters and impartiality

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez / Unsplash
BBC criticized over ‘bizarre’ voting question
A BBC guest claims she was asked to disclose how she voted in the last election before she was allowed on air


As voters look forward to cost-of-living relief coming next week, they’re not the only ones getting a pay rise
The electoral cycle rollercoaster has Labor holding on for dear life, with the federal party going through its lowest of ebbs this term.
New ABS Data Confirms No End To Worker Shortage Crisis
New data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows there are still over 352,000 job vacancies across the country, 55 per cent higher than before the pandemic, despite current record migration levels being justified on the idea it would solve Australia’s worker shortage crisis.


Orban Says Germany No Longer Smells The Same.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes mass migration is permanently transforming Germany. He is urging Hungarians to say “no” to a similar
Nigel Farage Is Right About Ukraine
State of the Union: But his opinions suffer from a structural disadvantage.

Business, Finance & Investment

11 Signs That The US Economy Is In Far Worse Shape Than Most People Think
Unless you are living under a bridge or you are eagerly drinking the kool-aid that the mainstream media is dishing out, you probably understand that the economy has been struggling…
Which Countries Have the Highest Corporate Tax Rates in the G20?
Interestingly, BRICS members cover the spectrum of corporate tax rates in the G20 from highest (India, Brazil) to lowest (Russia).


Caitlan Clark and the Psychology of Racial Hatred
It’s not hard to understand why Caitlin Clark, the record-setting white ex-NCAA women’s basketball standout, is enjoying attention and endorsements like no WNBA player before her. And, no, it’s not because of (mythical) “white…
The Woke Movement Is Actually Corporate Enslavement - The Culture War Is A Fight To Stop It -
By Brandon Smith I was recently watching a video by some of my favorite movie commentators in which they were…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Price Slumps: Is Recovery Imminent? Analysts Divided Over Future Path
In the past month, Bitcoin dropped 11.3% from nearly US$72K to below US$60K, amid market fears and analyst predictions of further declines to US$50K.


Let’s Add “Good Morning” To The Ever Growing List Of Things That Are Racist
I have not yet had enough coffee today to deal with this stupidity. Soooo many things are racist now: fake eyelashes, exercise, higher education, roads, air […]

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