Hypocrites of the Highest Order

The political left are the “masters of deception” and are untroubled by broken promises and contradicting themselves.

Hypocrites of the Highest Order

I try to remind people that the political left are masters of deception. They are untroubled by broken promises or contradicting themselves day after day.

They think the rest of us are too stupid even to notice what’s going on as they accuse their opponents of the terrible things they themselves are doing. 

You can almost guarantee if a lefty accuses you of racism, it’s because that’s what they are up to.

The Voice is clear evidence of that.

Opposing the enshrining of racism in the constitution is a racist act, according to the Left. 

Suppose they allege you are engaged in skullduggery or political machinations. In that case, it’s usually because that’s what they are doing, and by forcing their opponents to deny it, no one is looking at them. 

It’s the same with rorts and waste, misuse of taxpayers' money, jobs for the boys (or girls), identity politics, sexism and cancel culture. 

Put simply, you can’t believe anything they tell you. Most of the time, I don’t think they believe it themselves. 

This week, I was reminded of that when the PM did a virtue signalling press conference with AFL legend Michael Long, who walked to Canberra to support the Voice. 

It was a little more credible than when he got the disadvantaged billionaire basketball player Shaquille O'Neal to plug the voice at a presser…but only just.

Here’s a reminder of how the PM will do and say anything to push his 26-page cause. 


You’d reckon if both the minister and the PM haven’t got a clue what the Voice will do and how it will operate, the rich giant for hire would be even less informed. 

The PM tried it again this week, but this time with a real indigenous person - rather than just someone with dark skin. 

He did a press conference with AFL legend Michael Long to support the Voice and waffled on about when someone extends their hand in friendship you accept it and shake it.

It all sounds fair enough, if a little bit shallow.

However, those of us with longer memories than goldfish have a ready answer to ‘who doesn’t shake a hand that’s extended to them?

The answer is embittered lefties who, while accusing others of discourtesy, are often the proponents of rudeness.

Here’s Albo’s handpicked hard-left leader in the Senate, Penny Wong, not shaking Simon Birmingham’s hand during the 2019 election campaign.


More proof that the lefties are hypocrites of the highest order. 

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