How to Prepare for What's Coming

It's not just war causing chaos in the world. The financial storm is building and looks ready to break one way or another. Here's how to prepare for what's coming.

How to Prepare for What's Coming
Photo by Josep Castells / Unsplash

There are signs that the global economic crisis is getting worse.

The canary in the coal mine is the United States who appear to be in the greatest state of decay. What happens to them is important to the rest of us because they often drive global economic trends.

Put simply, the USA is going broke -financially and morally, and it appears little can be done about either.

On the financial side, the amount of government debt is accruing at record rates. The US government has accrued more than $33 trillion in debt. It has to issue trillions in new bonds every year just to cover the interest expense on those loans.

Alarmingly, other nations are bailing out of US bonds, leaving few buyers.

As forewarned on this site when it launched three years ago, the bond market has been the greatest global destroyer of wealth in recent memory.

That's because as interest rates go up, the value of bonds goes down. All those institutions and banks holding bonds with minuscule yields are hundreds of billions of dollars in the red.

Multiply that across thousands of banks and investment houses and you start to understand the scale of the problem.

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