How Crooked are the Biden Family?

There are more damning revelations about the Biden family business dealings. It begs the question of just how crooked are America's first family?.

How Crooked are the Biden Family?

The walls are closing in on US President Joe Biden and his family's influence-peddling business.

That's the polite term for how the Biden family made their money.

There is now so much evidence out there about Joe Biden being directly involved in dishonest dealings with his son Hunter that one can only conclude that he is corrupt.

There are connections to questionable business dealings with China. Earlier this year, the House Oversight Committee traced over $1 million in payments from a Chinese firm to three identified Biden family members, brother James, son Hunter and daughter-in-law Hallie.

There was also an 'unknown Biden' included in the payments.

It's not the only questionable payment from the Communist state, but the most damning links appear to be with Ukraine.

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