Holding Media to Account

The pile of media lies continue to build. Now we find the facts surrounding a police officer's death was manipulated for political purposes.

Holding Media to Account

Although it can be satisfying, I find no joy in the 'I told you so' moment.

The latest is another example of why you cannot believe anything the government or the mainstream media tells you.

For three months, we were told by US Democrats, RINOs and fake news media networks that pro-Trump supporters killed US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick.

It was a tale even used in the ridiculous Trump impeachment fraud.

They were all lying.

The New York Times had an expose that Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher. They have since tried to hide the story, but it is still on the web archive.

However, there is no denying the video evidence of their lies.

While the Capitol Hill invasion was unedifying, the narrative by the MSM and the political elites has been fraudulent.

Four people died. They were all pro-Trump supporters. Two died from heart attacks, one as a result of a drug overdose and one (unarmed) woman was shot by police.

There were no WLM protests held on account of the brutal killing of unarmed white woman Ashli Babbitt at the hands of police. Instead, those who challenged the preferred narrative were labelled as racists and fascists.

This media misinformation is just another example of how you are being treated as a mug by the elites who want to rule your life.

They know that most people get their news from social media or the big networks.

Unsurprisingly, they are in cahoots to censor what they don't want you to know.

Big tech prioritises feeds from their MSM partners, who all propagate the same agenda that's designed to mislead you.

While some will choose to believe it only happens in America, I can tell you it happens in Australia, too.

I've won two defamation cases against the MSM in Australia for making things up.

I took no pleasure in doing so, but both cases were matters of principle, and fortunately, I had the resources to pursue the matter.

In both cases, the 'journalists' made up 'facts' which I could prove were demonstrably false. In one case, they claimed to have spoken to my office on a public holiday long weekend, obtaining a comment from my staff.

The truth was they rang and left a message on the answering machine, and we could prove no staff were in the office that weekend.

As I said, I take no joy in dismantling a journalist's career, but if they don't tell the truth, they shouldn't pursue that profession.

In the United States, the right thing is to promulgate whatever fiction your boss tells you, no matter how far removed from reality that might be.

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