Hit Cricket Australia for Six

Cricket Australia should drop 'Australia' from their name. They don't represent our nation, instead choosing to represent division and disruption.

Hit Cricket Australia for Six

In return, the government should stop any public funding of this woke mob of whingers.

The reason for such strong statements is their latest decision to drop 'Australia Day' from the January 26 fixtures. It follows on from their barefoot BLM protest and the cheating scandal.

Barefoot tokenism

Any one of these decisions is enough for cricket fans to stop their support. Collectively, they show how out of touch these pathetic PC cricket bureaucrats are.

Cricket Australia Diversity and Inclusion manager Adam Cassidy said they are trying to be 'a bit braver' at becoming leaders in reconciliation.

True courage would see them defend our national day and stop meaningless symbolism while allowing a culture of cheating and abuse to forever tarnish the reputation of Australian cricket.

But that would be difficult and would actually take the application of principle. Cricket Australia have shown no desire to do the difficult thing, only to appease the nonsensical demands of the woke warriors.

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