Heaven or Hell?

Politicians always seem to promise us heaven on earth while delivering us to hell in a handbasket. Here's the next expected assault on the citizens.

Heaven or Hell?
Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash

While predicting the future is often futile, anticipating where others might want to take you is a positive practice.

It allows you to have prepared responses in place whatever moves are played.

In that sense, it's a chess game, but one where your opponent doesn't have to play by any pre-existing rules.

The opponent, in this case, is the government.

It certainly isn't an ally of the people, and everything the politicians do is designed for maximum political effect.

They can make up the rules as they see fit. They can disproportionately influence the media and know that public opinion is malleable.

Politicians also know that they can stifle any dissent for a time through legal delay or public propaganda.

All that said, here's how I think a new, government-led assault will go against the Australian people.

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