Grooming Society

Society is being softened by the radical activists to accept the sexualisation of children.

Grooming Society

A major scandal has involved one of the world's luxury brands this week. You probably haven’t heard a lot about it because it might pose a few inconvenient questions.

And no, it’s not about slave labour being used to make high-end luxury goods. I think it’s worse than that.

It involves the sexualisation of children and references to pedophilia.

The company in question is Balenciaga - a Spanish-based fashion house.

Here’s part of their recent campaign.

It features two young girls holding what appear to be teddy bears clad in bondage gear.

If that doesn’t set off a few warning bells in your head, then maybe this snippet will.

Eagle-eyed punters examined the document placed under a purse in one of the images, and it appears to be from a legal case. Opinions are split on which one of two cases it cites.

The first is a 2008 US Supreme Court case: United States v Williams.

That was about a bloke named Michael Williams who used a public internet chat forum to offer to exchange child sexual abuse materials. The message read

“Dad of toddler has ‘good’ pics of her an [sic] me for swap of your toddler pics, or live cam.”

The Secret Service got onto it and raided Williams's home, where they seized hard drives containing “at least 22 images of real children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, some of it sadomasochistic.”

Williams got five years in prison. That’s all a matter of public record.

The second case is Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition from 2002. describes the case as being about virtual child pornography - computer-generated or -altered depictions of minors engaging in explicit sexual conduct.

The case suggested that:

"Such images could be used as easily as real images by pedophiles to seduce children into sexual conduct, that they were just as effective as real images in whetting the pedophile’s desire to exploit children sexually, and that their exact similarity to real images would make it difficult to identify and prosecute those who possessed or distributed child pornography involving real children."

The Free Speech Coalition - a bland name for the trade association of the porn industry, argued that the law against this infringed on their free speech rights.

Whichever of these cases the papers in the Balenciaga advertising referenced, they are both about child pornography and sexual abuse.

The question now is why would a high-end fashion house use pictures of children with bondage bears to push their products and also reference this case about child pornography.

Are these things connected? Is there a vile message being not so subtly displayed in the hope that ordinary people won’t notice?

We don’t know the answer to that, but what we do know is this.

When all this was pointed out, a bunch of creeps in the media labelled it a ‘conspiracy theory’, which is the retort of choice when confronted with inconvenient truths.

For their part, Balenciaga issued a public apology.

"We apologise for displaying unsettling documents in our campaign. We take this matter very seriously and are taking legal action against the parties responsible for creating the set and including unapproved items for our Spring 23 campaign photoshoot. We strongly condemn abuse of children in any form. We stand for children safety and well-being."

That’s a good start, but the question remains: how can we take this apology seriously when researchers found more child sexualisation material on other Balenciaga promotions?

Who cooked up this depraved filth, and how did it get through the marketing team?

Is that team filled with the same type of radical rainbow activists who took every opportunity to inject the rainbow mafia messaging into Disney films?

This is the deliberate sexualising of children by a creepy subsection of society.

I call it GROOMING, but you aren’t allowed to say that anymore. It’s offensive to the pedophiles.

Although we aren’t allowed to call them that either - that's also stigmatising to these minor-attracted persons.

Well, who cares about their feelings?

Let's call them what they are: filth who ruin lives by grooming children for exploitation.

They do it in so many ways, but one gateway is through pornography and exposure to adult sexual concepts before their innocent minds can handle it.

It’s just revolting, but some in society seem intent on letting the grooming happen.

But why are we surprised when UN-backed groups like UNICEF released a report last year that contained the results of a study stating that 'pornography is not always harmful to children'?

You really can’t make this stuff up. Truth is always much stranger than fiction.

This comes hot on the heels of new Twitter owner Elon Musk finally doing something about the promotion of child pornography via the social media giant.

Apparently, the thousands of woke content moderators and coders were all too busy to shut this disgusting trade down.

It’s just a coincidence that a lot of these filthy Twitter accounts are linked to the hard-left freaks from ANTIFA.

Here’s one ANTIFA loser (Chad Loder) telling his followers to back up their data because 'Twitter is nuking pedo accounts'.

That so many, linked to the woke left - from Disney to Balenciaga, from the Twitter censors to the parents dragging kids to drag shows, seem OK with sexualising children or exposing them to sexualised concepts is just astounding.

It’s not just the children who are being groomed here.

Society is slowly being conditioned to accept the sexualisation of our children as being completely innocent and normal.

It’s not, and if cancel culture is ever justified, then surely those who push this poisonous message should be subject to it.

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