Grooming or Educating?

The battle for the soul of our children has taken a new turn with a disgusting new book released by a hard-left activist.

Grooming or Educating?
Image from The New Daily

We're another step closer to mankind's moral abyss with the publication of a disgusting book pitched to 11-year-olds.

The book, entitled Welcome to Sex: Your no-silly-questions guide to sexuality, pleasure and figuring it out, was written by hard-left activist Yumi Stynes and former Dolly Doctor Melissa Kang.

It's a vile publication that was being promoted in Big W stores until a public backlash resulted in it being withdrawn from shelves.

Big W and other booksellers continue to make it available online.

This book is a disgrace because the material it contains is so inappropriate for the young reader it is deliberately pitched at.

While officially, Stynes says the book is for children aged 10-15 years, she also claims she’d ‘be happy with a mature 8-yo having a flick through’.”

If you pushed this stuff on children via the internet, you'd likely be arrested, yet Stynes is selling it as some sort of virtuous cause.

Strap yourself in for an insight into the mind of the activist left and what they think is ok for your children.

A warning, though, the following may cause you to feel ill.

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