Greenwashing the World

Lip service to the green dream is doing a disservice to our nation. Time we reclaimed our competitive advantage.

Greenwashing the World
Photo by Photo Boards / Unsplash

I spend my week trying to make sense of the mad world in which we live.

In doing so, I hope it saves you some time and some sanity because once you peer behind the curtain you can never see things the same way again.

We are all captured in a vortex of lies and half-truths sprinkled amongst a few facts. Those facts are only what the gatekeepers want you to know. The rest are suppressed, buried, denied or decried as ‘fake news’.

And it’s not just the tech giants doing their thing.  The bureaucratic tyrants are loving the power trip they are on. Then there are the intolerant tossers in the public who complain to authorities about anything they don’t like in an attempt to have it removed.

I see these losers all the time. They are on social media and use their ignorance and intolerance as a virtue by boasting they have ‘reported’ you.

They are today’s version of the STASI informant from East Germany.

Make no mistake, these people are dangerous because they place more importance on the appearance of moral correctness, than actually being correct.

That’s why the person repeating lies is often seen as more virtuous than the person telling the truth.

We see it everywhere. I could start with COVID, the death statistics, vaccine facts or dangers but I won’t. That would trigger too many numbed brains and I have corona fatigue at the moment.

It’s serving as a monumental distraction while other crazy things are going on in the world.

Things like the great greenwashing of the world.

That’s the term for the climate conners who pay lip service to the perils of carbon dioxide and their ‘woke’ response to it which has nothing to do with reality.

But, in this crazy world, saying the acceptable thing is what’s most important.

Think about all those nations who demand we do something about emissions. How many of them meet the targets they demand others abide by?

Take for example the Kyoto protocol. Remember that? 38 nations had binding carbon dioxide commitments and you have to go through some statistical gymnastics to claim that any of them met them.

For example the USA and Canada dropped out. The former soviet states skewed the data, as did the GFC while ‘credits’ were purchased from other nations with next to no accountability.

Now we are all in it together under the Paris Accord. It’s truly a case of all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

The most unequal animal is of course the Chinese panda. It’s black and white is clearly symbolic. White for purity and black for the wonders of coal.

As an aside, coal futures reached record highs in July because a heatwave in China sent electricity use soaring. A billion Chinese thanked their lucky stars they weren’t reliant on the wind to cool their homes last month!

In fact, coal continues to boom right across asia.

Five countries there, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam are responsible around 80 percent of Asian coal investment. There are plans to develop over 600 coal fired power units.

Now, according to the greenies and their zombified acolytes, these nations must be barking mad. Apparently coal is super expensive electricity and the cost to build a plant is horrendous.

Surely a smart government, intent on helping their citizens would build the perpetual energy machines that we know as wind and solar. After all, they are basically free….aren’t they?

Now this made me think. What do all these countries have in common that they pursue the uneconomic over the economic?

It’s a little thing called manufacturing. It’s no coincidence that these places are where the bulk of what you buy and use is actually made.

The five of them comprise around 42% of global manufacturing.

These nations know that to maintain their edge (and to keep their manufacturing base) they need to have cheap and reliable electricity.

We know that too, well those of us who bother to think know it.

However instead of accepting the truth about what is in our interests, our governments, our corporates and too many of our citizens are ditching logic for greenwashing.

In doing so, they are sowing the seeds of their own misfortune.  

Despite the con they are perpetrating against themselves ( and the rest of us), the inconvenient truth is that coal demand is expected to grow by 1.8% this year, making one of the woke world’s least liked commodities one of this years best-performing assets.

It all goes to show that, try as they might, mouthing green dreams is clearly not the same as living by them.

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