Greens go to War

The pleasure in seeing the feral Greens attack each other is diminished by the fact that they are elected in the first place.

Greens go to War

There was news recently about allegations of racism within the Greens movement.

The claim was made by former Green, Scottish Aboriginal Australian Lidia Thorpe who is alleging she was subject to racism in her former party.

This comes after she accused Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young of failing to stand against racism and being racist in Senate estimates this week.

I don’t know if the alleged racism was targeted at Thorpe’s Scottish heritage or what was allegedly said.

I also don’t know if it directly involves Senator Hanson-Young

Usually I’d dismiss this claim by Thorpe as just a stunt, but having served with Senator Hanson Young in the Senate, I have seen her repeatedly operate in an unparliamentary and needlessly abusive manner.

That includes abusing other senators on the basis of skin colour or age or gender.

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