Goodbye and Good Riddance

Few will lament Alan Joyce leaving Qantas. His legacy is one of incredible brand damage, a diminished business and pretentious wokery.

Goodbye and Good Riddance
Photo by Troy Mortier / Unsplash

The best thing about Qantas right now is that Alan Joyce is no longer in charge.

He has presided over the decline of a once mighty corporate brand and made it a running joke among regular travellers.

During his time in charge, customer service standards have declined markedly and the public image of the national icon has never been lower.

For overseeing this mismanaged decline, it is reported that Joyce is receiving a $24 million golden handshake and presumably a batch of other benefits.

Little wonder there is public outrage.

For fifteen years, Joyce ran Qantas like a woke kingdom, seemingly more intent on displays of virtue to his captive fare-payers than in ensuring their needs were met.

Paying premium prices for budget service wasn't even the worst of it.

Is it really more important to have planes take off and land on time than lecture the great unwashed about the wonders of same-sex marriage or gender bending?

Who needs bags to arrive with the plane when you can be welcomed to some mythical Aboriginal nation?

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