Gold Bars With Wings

An important event in the future of finance is imminent, and here's the easiest and most convenient way to take advantage of it.

Gold Bars With Wings
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One of the most important days in the future of finance is coming up.

It's the Bitcoin halving, a scheduled reduction in the rewards given to those 'miners' who process Bitcoin transactions. In effect, it reduces the supply of new coins forcing buyers to prise more of them from existing holders.

Some people have a closed mind to Bitcoin but I truly believe that not having at least some exposure to this asset class is an incredible financial folly.

In a moment I'll show you the easiest way I have found to buy even a tiny amount of this commodity. It's so simple that anyone can do it.

But first, here's why you need some exposure.

The premise is simple. Institutional investors are rapidly moving into this space and demand for the digital gold is rising. With a fixed supply of 21 million coins, with just one million or so still to be issued (over the next 100 years), demand should push prices up.

Of course, those prices are denominated in depreciating fiat currencies so that makes the value proposition even more compelling.

Now Bitcoin isn't the only thing that will benefit from falling fiat currencies but it is the only fixed and finite commodity in the world available to everyone.

Many like to point out some of the negatives surrounding Bitcoin (such as the volatility) but they also choose to ignore the volatility in every other asset class too.

Take stocks for example. Most of us have lived through an 80 per cent drawdown in stocks when the dot com boom burst in the 2000s. The tech heavy NASDAQ index plummeted to just over 1000 points.

We've seen market crashes in gold and real estate, commodity boom and bust cycles and even took decades to reclaim a previous high.

Volatility is the price of outsized returns.

There's also a price to be paid for having your assets out of government control. If you store cash at home instead of in the bank, you forgo interest and wear the risk of theft.

Holding gold bullion requires secure storage and often an insurance policy. Perversely, the registration of insurance informs the government you have it and hence it could be confiscated like they did in America decades ago.

There's a risk with Bitcoin too. Self-custody is secure but one takes on responsibility with that security. It's clearly not for everyone.

Keeping Bitcoin on an exchange is also risky. These are often unregulated and there have been many examples of fraud or hacks that have cost investors dearly.

Which brings me to the half way house of convenience, simplicty and security that should appeal to most people.

I'm talking about the Strike app.

It's a service that allows you to purchase Bitcoin in just a few moments, with funds directly debited from your bank account.

You can keep those purchases on the app, or send them to another address for free. The transfers are also instantaneous.

I've used Strike to pay my Spanish language tutors around the world and also to settle outstanding international business invoices using their US dollar account.

It's proved to be very convenient both as a means of payment but also as a means of purchasing even small amounts of Bitcoin without complications.

Regular readers will know I am a fully-fledged convert to the Bitcoin standard.

I've outlined those reasons previously.

Despite the passage of time since Bitcoin was invented, I genuinely believe we are still very, very early in the adoption of it as the global standard measure of value.

In my vision of the future, we'll still have fiat currencies, but they will be rated against Bitcoin instead of the US dollar, to establish relative purchasing power.

Only time will tell if that vision is correct but even if there is only a small possibility of it happening, the opportunity for those who are in early, are potentially life changing.

I strongly encourage you to do your own research and at the very least, download the Strike app for free.

Thought for the Day

"Bitcoins are like gold bars with wings. That is why I, and so many others, view bitcoin and its network as gold 2.0."
Tyler Winklevoss

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