Going Viral and Puppy Love

A new home and a new puppy are two things featuring in a very busy week. It's also time to think about taking some of those windfall profits off the table.

Going Viral and Puppy Love

Postings this week may be a little lighter than usual as there is a lot going on that I need to deal with. All of it good but time consuming nonetheless.

Firstly we are moving house...again! You may recall that we sold the family home last year to move into something more appropriate to our current lifestyle. Now the children are away we need less space and something that supports our lock up and leave' lifestyle.

We thought we found it in a rental property and signed a lease for twelve months. It was the wrong decision and thank goodness we didn't purchase it. The place just wasn't right for us and it didn't take long for an alternative to be identified. This time Mrs B found something for sale and a deal was struck.

That's why we are moving and it's set to be another two or three days of domestic bliss! At least it will be if I just keep quiet and do what I am told ;-)

Puppy Love

Then there's another big change on the way. We pick up a new Golden Retriever pup this week. He's from the same breeder as our current eleven year old Goldy and they are related.

Long time subscribers will know that Remy ( our current dog) was showing his age a little while ago. While he is back in good health it prompted us to think about introducing a new dog into the mix.

Our theory is that a new pup will learn from the older dog and hence be easier to train. I have no evidence of that but it seemed to work with the children!

In any event, we have a big bruiser of a boy heading our way on Friday. His name is Ted and like most Golden Retrievers he seems to be very motivated by food.

I'll post some puppy pics soon.


I made a decision over the weekend to take some more profits in Bitcoin. It as been an extraordinary run in only seven months or so.  With the crypto currency trading around AUD 75k it is many multiples of the purchase price.  

At the time of purchase my intention was to hold for years but I have been around markets long enough to realise that great leaps upward in prices is often followed by a significant correction. At these levels (USD 59K), the price seems a bit bubbly so  I'll be looking for another entry point when (and if) a correction provides the opportunity.

To make it clear, I still have some exposure to Bitcoin and another crypto but I have taken the windfall gains of recent months off the table.

Going Viral

I should confess I am not really sure if this qualifies as 'going viral' but it seems apt. One of my editorials from last week's Bernardi show hit over 1.1 million views on Youtube in just 48 hours.

The topic was the impairment of US President Joe Biden. The clip was picked up by some of the most popular websites in the United States and that sparked over 15,000 comments an hundreds of emails through this website. In case you missed it I have posted the clip again below.

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