Go Woke...

There’s no rationale for the Trump decision whatsoever.

Go Woke...
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Says He Will Never Invest in New York after Trump Verdict | National Review
During an appearance on Fox Business, O’Leary said he was ‘shocked’ by the ruling.


Australia’s warship fleet is set to be expanded in a multi-billion-dollar shakeup of the navy
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Activists’ Bid For Ban Puts Jobs At Risk
More so than many other parts of the nation, environmental activism has been an entrenched part of the Tasmanian political way of life. What has changed is the veneer that once cloaked it, conservation, has been worn away and in its place, the anti-growth, anti-jobs ideology has shone through.


It’s stalemate in Ukraine but Putin is defeating the West in Africa | The Spectator Australia
In the early hours of Saturday morning, police in Paris shot dead a Sudanese man who had threatened them with a meat cleaver. The motive for his actions has yet to be revealed but the incident…
China Preparing for a Long War
China Preparing for a Long War. By David Archibald. In 1898, the Polish banker Jan Bloch published his book Future War and its Economic Consequences. He predicted that war would become a duel of in…
Taliban boycotts UN-sponsored meeting
The Taliban delegation has snubbed a UN-sponsored event in Qatar, arguing that it would have been “a waste of time”

Business, Finance & Investment

Real Talk on Success: What I Really Think About Making It in Business
Bootstrapped entrepreneurs: There’s a recent trend sweeping the entrepreneur community that will be very tough on your mental health: entrepreneurs bragging about how much money they make. Like this…
Capers Is A Ticking Time Bomb – Leverage Plus Loading Up On Nvidia
Calpers – the California Public Employee Retirement System pension fund has borrowed 8% of its assets in order to load up on risky stocks. From the Financial Times: “Calpers, the larges…


A Tale of Two Presidents
President-In-Name-Only Joe Biden finally decided to visit East Palestine, Ohio — the community that last year endured both a toxic train derailment and the government’s questionable decision to burn the spilled hazardous chemicals and poi…
Girls Basketball Team Forfeits Game Against Transgender Player: ‘Feared Getting Injured’
A girls’ basketball team in Massachusetts reportedly forfeited a game against another team with a transgender player.
The woke wing of Hamas
From London to New York, young radicals have become footsoldiers of Jew hatred.

Crypto & Blockchain

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Blackrock And Fidelity Accumulate Over 200,000 Bitcoin Amid Record Inflows
The approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has led to a significant increase in institutional interest in Bitcoin.


Pro-Trump Truckers Launch Delivery Strike in NYC Over Bogus Prosecutions
Pro-Trump truck drivers have launched a delivery strike and refusing to transport goods to Stalinist New York City.

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