Global Governance

The left is weaponising the climate, like they did with COVID, for their globalist agenda. Here's your daily news digest for 23 May.

Global Governance
Photo by Hunters Race / Unsplash
The Club Of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance -
By Brandon Smith In the early 1970s the US and much of the western world was shifting into a stagflationary…


The Liberals Need A Truth-telling Game Plan
Post the Turnbull/ Morrison years it’s not clear what the Liberals stand for. The constant refrain “we’re a broad church” doesn’t answer the question, and is a way of avoiding the difficult conversation of whether the Liberals are “conservative” or “teal” or something else.
Despite criticism, RBA outperforms most central banks | The Spectator Australia
A small war has broken out amongst some economics on the topic of whether Australia’s central bank has performed well over decades and, specifically, whether it has outperformed other central banks.
Julian Assange’s life ‘in hands of Australian government’, wife Stella says
‘Extradition in this case is a matter of life and death,’ campaigner tells National Press Club


Psaki suspects China is ‘rooting for default’ on US debt
Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki shared her insight on the severity of the debt ceiling issue, reminding the nation that the world is watching.
Conservatives fall short of outright majority in Greek parliamentary election
Greek conservatives failed to win an outright majority in the parliamentary election on Sunday
Why The Middle East Will Be Vital In Any U.S.-China Conflict
As tensions between the U.S. and China continue to escalate, the importance of the Middle East for these two superpowers is only growing…

Business, Finance & Investment

Monetary Support Suggests Bear Market Is Possibly Over - RIA
Could massive monetary support have softened the deep bear market many expected? It is an interesting question given the Fed rate hikes.
How Corruption Makes You Poor | Economic Prism
Are you the type of person who works hard, saves money, and invests with the intent of accumulating lasting wealth? If so, you’ve likely noticed that things don’t quite add up between what you’re regularly told about how the economy and financial markets work and what you actually experience. We t


China is using AI to ‘bring back the dead’
Chinese developers have now created “griefbots,” which are chat programs that represent the personalities and recollections of the deceased, using a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in an effort to re-connect with their loved ones.
Teen Reportedly Arrested After Handing Out Bibles Proclaims He’s ‘Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ’
A 16-year-old Christian was arrested again for his beliefs. This time he was handing out Bibles when he was arrested.
Good Samaritans are Now Chumps and Criminals
A good Samaritan, according to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is, “a person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it”. This concept goes back to Biblical times, specifically the book of Luke, chapter 10, and the “Par…

Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto Traders At Risk: Biden Rejects Debt Deal Safeguarding Them
Crypto traders face a setback as United States President Biden takes a strong stance, declaring that no debt deal will be made to protect them. He expressed
Bitcoin’s Trading Range Narrows to Tightest in Months
Tighter price ranges result from markets running into competing influences. Eventually, some narratives take the back seat, paving the way for a volatility explosion.
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Man Whose Life Sentence Was Commuted By Obama Arrested On Attempted Murder Charges: Police | The Daily Wire
A Chicago-area man whose federal life sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama has been charged with multiple attempted murder charges, according to law enforcement officials. Illinois State Police announced that it had arrested and charged 54-year-old Alton D. Mills of Evergreen Park…

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