Global Elites

To fight globalism, we need stronger nations

Global Elites
Photo by Alev Takil / Unsplash
Global Elites Think You Are an Idiot. Don’t Let Them Control Your Life | National Review
To fight globalism, we need more sovereignty — strong nations. Nations that are great again.


Teal suburbs betrayed by Labor | The Spectator Australia
This is a serious topic that will impact most readers, if not now then in the future. Effectively, the NSW Labor government has taken planning permission off local councils so that it can steamroll…
Labor’s Immigrants Will Fundamentally Transform Northern Sydney
Labor’s Immigrants Will Fundamentally Transform Northern Sydney. By Flat White at the Australian Spectator. Effectively, the NSW Labor government has taken planning permission off local counc…


As US Is Being Encircled by Enemies, the US Administration Wants Israel to Surrender to Terrorists
While Russian warships, including a nuclear submarine, this week docked in Cuba, and with China building a major deep-water port in Peru that could serve the Chinese military, the US administration is pressuring only Israel to allow the Iran-backed
Envisioning Ethiopia through the Ages | National Review
A worthy exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum tries to cover too much, alas.

Business, Finance & Investment

By now we know that US BLS data are totally unrealistic for anyone who lives in the real world. My goal in this article is to demonstrate how, after 2020, the BLS has been literally making up numbers that go against any law of statistics. First of all, let’s start…
The Stock Market Is Absolutely The Economy, Here’s Why
One of the most common pushbacks I get from some of my investing and economy-related articles is that the stock market isn’t the economy. To conflate the two could be a mistake. I see their point of view as not everybody owns stocks. Therefore, not everybody will benefit from rising stock prices. As an example,


Leftist NYT Columnist Gives in, Calls to Stop Woke-‘Infected’ Leftism Plaguing West Coast
“Perhaps on the West Coast we have ideological purity because there isn’t much political competition,” the columnist mused.
Robert Fisk - The Road to Palestine - Anti-War Blog | The Libertarian Institute
In Part Two of his Three part series, From Beirut to Bosnia, Robert Fisk gives detail to the tragedy of Palestine. As it was then when the series was made, 1993, the people of Palestine had already suffered tremendously. A lost people, those blamed for the crimes of terrorism or…
Trump vows to end ‘gender insanity’ in schools
The former president has vowed to introduce policies aimed at ending the LGBTQ agenda

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Ethereum Primed To Explode by up to 470% Amid Incoming ‘Mega Pump,’ Says Crypto Analyst – Here’s the Timeline
A widely followed cryptocurrency analyst and trader believes that Ethereum (ETH) could go up by triple-digit percentage points from the current price. The analyst pseudonymously known as Credible tells his 396,700 followers on the social media platform X that Ethereum could rise to a five-figure price during the current cycle. “ETH to $10,000 minimum by […]


Tribalism Among the Sophisticates
“Our democracy is safe for now,” she wrote. This was a Facebook post from someone I know, who was gloating over the guilty verdict in the show trial of Donald Trump. It was followed by several gushing comments. Neither my acquaintance nor…

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