Gladys Had to Go Months Ago

Berejiklian should have gone months ago but her media cheerleaders dismissed the evidence to prop up their wounded favourite.

Gladys Had to Go Months Ago

So Gladys Berejiklian has resigned. About time too.

You might think that’s a tad harsh but it’s the truth … and too few in this business, or the business of politics are prepared to tell that truth when it matters.

Gladys should have gone months ago when her relationship with the disgraced former MP Darryl Maguire was publicly revealed.

She maintained that relationship, and kept it secret even knowing he was the subject of ICAC inquiries.

There was damning evidence that she was aware of some of his dealings but he was allowed to keep the key to her door.

It demonstrated terrible judgment and, in my opinion, given plenty of grounds for ICAC to investigate her own conduct.

Accordingly, I believe it’s appropriate they are doing so and said as much all those months ago.

But back then, most public voices were about how she was just made a poor choice in love. That Gladys was a political Saint and we should all feel sorry for her.

It was rubbish then but too few called it out.

Those that did, included Mark Latham and Sky News' Andrew Clennell.

We all said she had to go because we applied core principles rather than emotions as the test.

We didn’t make judgement on her political record or assess whether she is a good or nice person.

We simply applied logic and prudence where others played cheerleader and justified their own disconnection from the evidence however they could.

Berejiklian has done the right thing today but she should have done the right thing when it truly mattered; back when she learned of her former lovers allegedly dishonest dealings.

That’s when she should have dumped Darryl and told ICAC what she knew.

And while Berejiklian will be thinking woulda, shoulda, coulda right about now, her cheerleaders in the media and politics could have a good hard look at themselves too.

In doing so, they should pose the question:  “Are they there to maintain the public interest or just to prop up their preferred politicians?”

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