Gender Queer Library Poison

One man's crusade for decency in our public libraries is worthy of your support. WARNING: this post contains graphic images the library thinks are ok for children.

Gender Queer Library Poison
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash

There is a battle playing out in Queensland over library books, or one particular book.

It started back in march over a revolting tome known as Gender Queer.

There’s no  doubt it involved graphic imagery of a pornographic nature. Some of it is quite frankly revolting and I can’t imagine how it is pitched to children as a ‘memoir’ of the author.

I am loathe to show you the images because they would likely turn your stomach but in response to one image complaint, the classification board said this:

The Board notes that on page 134 there is a highly-stylised drawing of a work of ancient Greek art depicting a sexual encounter between an ancient Greek scholar and his student. However, given the historical context of the artwork, the narrative context of the publication and the stylisation of the imagery, the Board is of the opinion that this image does not depict a child under 18 years in a way that offends against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that it should not be classified.

That’s part of their report upholding this book as not needing to be ‘classified’ or restricted.

Here's what they were referring to. You decise if this is reasonable for children or not.

How anyone can think an image of a homosexual act between a teacher and a child is not offensive to  a reasonable adult is beyond me.

It suggests the report writer is more an activist than a reasonable adult.

There’s now an appeal against that decision by Bernard Gaynor, an activist fighting for decency in our libraries. Incredibly, the appeal requires him to pay an application fee of $10,000 .

Little wonder the left get away with this stuff all the time. Who can afford to pay 10K to right an obvious wrong.

You can read more about this, and chip in to help Bernard Gaynor who has paid the money to appeal this outrageous decision by going to his website.

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