Gen Z and Kids

Gen Z want to remain children themselves

Gen Z and Kids
Photo by Devin Avery / Unsplash
Why Gen Z doesn’t want kids
think again


AI datacentres to strain Australia’s energy supply, spike prices without change, expert says
UBS analyst says tech firms must ensure datacentres have ability to power up and down like aluminium smelters
Taxpayers Funding the Demise of Regional Communities
The Albanese government isn’t just using its energy and emissions policies to disrupt regional communities such as the Upper Hunter. It is funding activist legal groups that challenge critical nation-building projects in the courts, with a view to delaying, and ultimately, cancelling them.


The ugly selfishness of France’s politicians | The Spectator Australia
France play Spain this evening in the semi-final of the European football championship, and there may be a smile on the faces of some of the French players. Several have been social media in the last…
Sweden Calls on NATO to Focus on China to Placate Trump | The Libertarian Institute
As members of the North Atlantic Alliance gather in Washington DC to celebrate the pact’s 75th year, Sweden is calling on the alliance to shift some of its attention to China. Stockholm argues this will align the bloc more with former US President Donald Trump’s policies. On Tuesday, Swedish Foreign…

Business, Finance & Investment

Mapped: A Short Overview of Places With Zero Corporate Taxes
From famous tax havens to major oil producing nations, we list the places in the world with zero corporate taxes.
US bank profits face pressure from lower interest payments, higher credit losses
Some of the largest US banks will probably report weaker profits for the second quarter as they earn less from interest payments and set aside more money to cover deteriorating loans, analysts said. As banks kick off earnings season on Friday, analysts predict provisions could rise for potential losses on commercial and industrial (C&I) loans, as well as those on commercial real estate. “There is a credit cycle during every economic expansion,” said Betsy Graseck, a banking analyst at Morgan Stanley.


Harvard class on Byzantine Empire to study ‘trans monks’ and ‘genderless angels’
The course focuses ‘on the entire spectrum of binary and non-binary conceptualizations, representations and performances of gender in Byzantium.’
Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Gives Up Push for New Trial, Admits Embarrassing Gaffe
Hunter Biden has dropped his bid for a new trial on his gun charge convictions after his lawyers admitted a major mistake.
GOP Can Learn Abortion Lesson from Methodist Infighting
Republicans must remain the pro-life party.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Rebounds Toward $60K, but Choppiness Likely to Persist: Analysts
The market will have to absorb $4 billion to $7 billion of bitcoin selling pressure throughout the middle of the year, which will weigh on prices, K33 Research said.


‘F—king Pass the Torch’: Clinton-tied Climate Activist Group Goes Scorched Earth Attacking Joe Biden
In the weeks since President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance reignited questions about his fitness to serve, Climate Defiance has emerged as one of the loudest voices on the left calling for the president to step aside.

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