Freebies and the Flu

My opening editorial from Paul Murray Live.

Freebies and the Flu
Don’t destroy the economy and create chaos and unrest over ‘another version of flu’

Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi says there is no purpose in destroying the economy and creating chaos and unrest over "another version of the flu”. More:

Posted by Sky News Australia on Sunday, July 12, 2020

It doesn’t get any more absurd that the Dictatorship of Danistan…oh sorry I mean the Peoples Republic of Victoria where you can march and protest but you can’t go to a restaurant or leave your house without being covered up like a cat burglar.

Dear Leader Dan, says it's for our own good as so many people are testing positive for Covid 19.

I say So what!

99 per cent of people who get Covid -19 will have mild or no real ill effect. Those most at risk are the elderly, the obese and the seriously unwell.

The same people who are most at risk of dying from the flu every single year.

What is the purpose of destroying our economy and creating chaos and unrest over another version of the flu? We’ll speak to a couple of people currently captive in Victoria to get their take on Australia’s latest police state.

As one state goes the full gulag, the federal government is desperately trying to unwind some of the financial largesse that they showered on the country. They’ve started with the end of free childcare on Monday.

This is a cause for celebration.  First off, anything the government gives you isn’t free. It just means someone else is paying for it. When the money is borrowed – like it is for this free child care – then the kids in the care will have to pay it back.

I bet no-one asked them if the finger painting and sand castle building is worth a lifetime of higher taxes.

Now I get it. Child care is expensive and its necessary for some families but the reports I got from this latest largesse was that ‘free’ childcare simply allowed those who didn’t work to park their kids with someone else.

Whatever happened to those choosing to have kids also having the responsibility of looking after them. Sure, I know its tough raising children. It frazzles the nerves, stretches the family finances and gives you baby brain but that’s nothing new.

Here’s a message for the government. Don’t throw money at people to put their kids in care. Allow them to claim a tax deduction for the care if they choose to use it.

That way, those actually working and paying taxes will get the benefit  and it won’t end up being a convenient baby sitting service for those who can’t be bothered.

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