Free & Fair Elections

Election integrity is racist according to the corporate wokesters, but they demand you do as they say, not as they do.

Free & Fair Elections

Anyone interested in free and fair elections will want to stamp out electoral fraud.

After all, who wants an election determined by people who vote more than once, that don’t have the right to vote or aren’t even alive.

Unfortunately those circumstances occur far more than most people care to admit and in seats where the outcome sits on a knife edge, those dodgy votes can make all the difference.

In Australia, more than 18,000 people were asked to explain why they voted more than once in the 2016 election. A couple of punters voted 11 times, two more voted five times and 51 people voted three times.

This followed nearly 8,000 cases of suspected electoral fraud in 2013 – with not a single prosecution.

The Australian Electoral Commission has even identified repeat multiple voting offenders, but still there are no prosecutions.

To my mind, the simplest and most efficient way of making sure only those eligible to vote do so, and do so only once, is by asking voters to show ID when enrolling and at the ballot box.

But for some strange reason, people like Labor’s Attorney General Mark Dreyfus suggest that voter ID is some sort of extreme conservative plot.

“There is no evidence of voter fraud in Australia that would even begin to justify the introduction of voter ID laws here, and this is simply an attempt by the Liberal party to deny the vote to poorer Australians who may not have the requisite ID or paperwork”

He must have missed the memo that 18,000 people did the wrong thing in 2016, and that’s only the multiple voters;  it doesn’t count those falsely enrolled.

The Greens political party have a similar, irrational opposition to voter integrity laws claiming it will disadvantage the poor, the young or people with disabilities.

That’s self-serving bunkum as these whiners haven’t complained about ID requirements for all manner of things in our society, like going to the Greens political conference, buying a mobile phone, getting on an aeroplane or paying your Labor party membership in Victoria.

That’s right, Victorian labor they won’t accept payment from non-bank account linked credit cards, thereby ensuring someone else has done the ID verification for them.

Good enough for them but not good enough to provide free and fair elections for you.

Little wonder so many of us see so many politicians as rank hypocrites.

But you also need to consider the rampant hypocrisy in the corporate world.

It’s most evident in recent election integrity laws in the United States where one state , Georgia has recently passed a law to require voter ID.

The same bogus arguments about disenfranchisement have been raised and Democratic politicians are now asking companies to join to campaign of opposition.

Regrettably many have.

These include Coca-Cola, a company which requires ID to attend their shareholder meetings.

Delta airlines are also on board, but you can’t board one of their planes without ID.

Major wall street banks like Citigroup oppose voter ID but you can’t use their services without proving you are who you say you are. That sounds a lot like requiring ID to me.

But perhaps the biggest corporate hypocrite is Major League Baseball (MLB).  

They have moved their ‘all star game’ from Atlanta, GA in protest. That has cost the largely African American populated metropolis hundreds of millions in revenue.

Now, just to set the record straight, you can’t pick up your MLB stadium tickets without showing ID – no matter how poor, young or what the colour of your skin.

Still they think asking people to do the same in order to vote is somehow racist.

It’s also worth pointing out that the conscience of MLB, Coca Cola and others in this woke hypocrisy camp, doesn’t extend to the genocidal regime of the Communist Party in China.

China gets a free pass as these corporates sign massive deals with the Chinese government while claiming how important the Sino market is to them. Not a word is said about the Chinese government extermination of Uighurs, organ harvestings, forced sterilisations and generally violation over any human right the Communist regime want to.

But corporate hypocrisy isn’t limited to the USA. We’ve got our own contagion here in Australia.

Whether it’s university Vice-Chancellors demanding 'diversity and inclusion' while banning the Dalai Lama or limiting free speech on campus. We've got bank CEO’s profiting from taxpayer funded guarantees while refusing to fund the consumers cheapest source of guaranteed base load energy – coal.

Corporate wokedom is everywhere and it is being driven by bullying leftist politicians and activist groups who demand compliance or else there will be punishment.

It seems the only place they are happy for an ‘anything goes’ mentality is when it comes to free and fair elections.  I wonder why that is.

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