France is Burning

France is the proverbial Canary in the coal mine for the failure of the West to defend national culture and sovereignty.

France is Burning

We shouldn't underestimate the significance of what is taking place in France and how it may impact world affairs.

For anyone not paying attention, France is burning as lawless looters take control of cities.

Most of those participating are immigrants of Middle Eastern or African descent with a commitment to the Islamic faith.

They are ostensibly protesting about the police killing of a youth while he was committing a criminal act and disobeying police instructions.

That's just an excuse for a far bigger problem.

France has had trouble with some immigrant populations for years now and this outbreak of violence is just the latest manifestation.


Having lived in France as a young man, I have returned a number of times and seen first hand the changes immigration have brought.

There are now suburbs around where I used to live that are no longer considered safe for non-muslims.

That's not unique to France.

Sweden has had a similar problem in places like Malmo and the Swedish government have now taken steps to address the immigration problem.

It's a good move but too little too late for many.

About 58% of men convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad, according to data from Swedish national TV.

France has made no such moves to curb immigration while Parties with a focus on nationalism are steadily rising in the polls.


However, the government reaction to the French riots is most fascinating.

The globalist Macron seems to be using them as an excuse to enact policies straight from the authoritarian WEF playbook.

Reports are that he's effectively shut down the Internet and is heavily censoring social media. Here's his justification:

“We’ve seen them; Snapchat, TikTok and several others, serve as places where violent gatherings have been organised, but there’s also a form of mimicry of the violence which for some young people leads them to lose touch with reality.

You get the impression that for some of them they are experiencing on the street the video games that have intoxicated them,”

This is after the French enacted some of the most draconian vaccine identification laws and movement restrictions during the great COVID panic.

I mention that because it suggests that France, despite the ethos of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity is as focused on control of its citizens as many other Western nations.

Governments around the world are looking to control information and individual autonomy.

They do so under the guise of stopping misinformation, national security or public good.

That has always been the refuge of authoritarian regimes throughout history.

What they refuse to acknowledge is the underlying causes of the problems plaguing the West.

First among them is uncontrolled immigration.

This is a Europe wide problem which has resulted in division and alienation of people residing within common borders.

We also have economic factors at play.

Europe's crazy socialist policies addressing things like 'climate change' have severely stressed their domestic economies. Farmers, manufacturing, travel and industry are all being targeted as a means of saving the planet.

This has delivered economic stagnation and high unemployment - particularly among the youth.

The open borders and stifling of private enterprise is precisely what the authoritarian left have been pushing for decades now. They have now seized control of the levers of power and the results of their policies are being felt.

It won't be long until these latest incidents of unrest are used as justification for their next move toward even greater control.

When those changes are introduced in one Western nation, it's only a matter of time before the extended tentacles of state control reach further afield.

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