France is Burning

France is the proverbial Canary in the coal mine for the failure of the West to defend national culture and sovereignty.

France is Burning

We shouldn't underestimate the significance of what is taking place in France and how it may impact world affairs.

For anyone not paying attention, France is burning as lawless looters take control of cities.

Most of those participating are immigrants of Middle Eastern or African descent with a commitment to the Islamic faith.

They are ostensibly protesting about the police killing of a youth while he was committing a criminal act and disobeying police instructions.

That's just an excuse for a far bigger problem.  

France has had trouble with some immigrant populations for years now and this outbreak of violence is just the latest manifestation.


Having lived in France as a young man, I have returned a number of times and seen first hand the changes immigration have brought.

There are now suburbs around where I used to live that are no longer considered safe for non-muslims.

That's not unique to France.

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