Footprints Follow You

Politicians often tread heavily on the political stage. Most of us leave our footprints behind when we leave but some just can't seem to let go.

Footprints Follow You
Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Politics is a bit like a life of organised crime. You never really leave it behind.

Just when you think you're out they go an drag you back in.

For one, once you are a public figure you will have forever surrendered a modicum of privacy.

No one cares if Joe Punter registers a new company or gets a speeding fine but it can become news if ex-politician Joe Punter does the same.

It's part of the legacy of having a public profile which always made me question why people choose any sort of public fame or notoriety.

Superficially, fame may sound attractive but it ends up being a golden (sometimes leaden) cage that can do much more damage than good.  

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