Follow the Science, Eat Ze Bugs

The motive of moving from consuming meat to 'eating 'ze bugs' and slurping up soy substitutes is an assault on masculinity, masquerading as planet-saving science.

Follow the Science, Eat Ze Bugs

The push to plate up with bugs and insects has been coming for a long time.

Led by the overlords at the anti-human World Economic Forum (WEF), the narrative for bug protein is all about 'saving the planet from climate change'.

That's why we see cricket protein and meal-worm nutrition starting to appear on our shelves. They were even pushing the Frankenstein 'meat' substitute made from the testosterone-lowering soy.

It is little wonder there is a crisis of masculinity taking place in the world. And it's not because masculinity is 'toxic' but because life is somewhat toxic without real men.

They're the ones called into action when things get really tough. When SHTF, no one asks for a soy-boy to come and save them.

So, if we diminish the role and traditional responsibilities of men and then diminish their natural levels of testosterone through doctored food, we sleepwalk into a crisis.

And unlike the confected climate or COVID crisis, a crisis of manliness would be a true game changer for humanity.

But changing the game of life is what social engineers are all about. This is evident in their increasingly bizarre claims, which are always backed by 'science'.

Consider their push to get us to 'eat 'ze bugs' as WEF Uber boss Klaus Schwab might say.

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