Feeling Bad

How can you glorify such grotesque obesity? Here's your daily news digest for 6 June 2023.

Feeling Bad
Photo by Clément Falize / Unsplash
Lizzo Feeling Bad About Her Weight Could Be First Step To Health
The outrage Lizzo expressed Wednesday could be the first step she takes toward better health and a better life.


Two Australians facing death penalty in Vietnam granted clemency, Albanese says
Prime minister hails ‘substantial breakthrough’ for the pair after his visit to south-east Asia
Australia’s Wokest Council | The Spectator Australia
Many of Australia’s local councils appear to be competition with each other to see which can be the most virtuous, the most woke, and the most ideologically pure. In March, desperate shop owners and…
Greens call for boycott of far-right Israeli leaders
The Greens adopt a new party position on Palestine and Israel, saying Israel is practising the “crime of apartheid”.


Ireland Mulls Over Plan To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change
What about private jets?
One Casualty for Every 19 Inches Russia Advanced in Bakhmut.
A Russian solider was either killed or wounded for every 18.8 inches advanced towards the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.
Make ISIS Iran’s Problem - The American Conservative
Our continued presence in Syria is another example of the national security establishment funding a futile forever war.

Business, Finance & Investment

The Risks Of Upgrading Homes Nobody Really Thinks About
I currently have an opportunity of upgrading homes but am unsure whether it’s the right move. Maybe you’re going through this dilemma as well and need to talk things through. The house I wanted to buy a year ago failed to sell because it was listed too high. Then the S&P 500 corrected by 19.6%
A man of no ambition
A memory came to me this morning while I was walking the dog, a memory of those days when I was fresh out of college and just beginning to work for my father


Climate lockdowns begin for the workers: France bans short flights for passengers but not private jets
Climate lockdowns begin for the workers: France bans short flights for passengers but not private jets. By Joanne Nova. It is in effect: If there is a train and it’s less than a 2.5 hour trip, in F…
How the Medical Industry Burned Its Trust Capital ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Reputation and trust is like capital. Opinions peers and customers have about a person, institution or business is earned over time, honesty, reliability.
Iconic Children’s Show Shoving ‘Pride Month’ Down Kids’ Throats: ‘Happy Pride! Elmo Loves You’
Iconic children’s TV series “Sesame Street’ is at it again, pushing the hardcore, LGBT agenda on kids who don’t even know what sexuality is.

Crypto & Blockchain

Jack Dorsey tips pro-crypto candidate Robert Kennedy to win presidency
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy has been endorsed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, likely stemming from his pro-crypto political stance.
Binance Hands Rising Star Teng Key Role to Replace CEO Zhao at Largest Crypto Exchange
Taking an expanded role overseeing regional markets outside the U.S., former regulator Richard Teng wants to demonstrate Binance is “a new organization.”
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Big Data Poll - President Trump Crushing Governor DeSantis by 20 Points in Florida After Home State Campaign Launch - The Last Refuge
Now you know exactly why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had to launch without any public appearances in his home state, and run away from the state of Florida immediately thereafter. This doesn’t take any commentary to understand. President Trump is beating Ron DeSantis in the state that knows the…

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