Feasting on the Public Purse

Restoring centre-right values is going to take a radical re-education of the public now accustomed to feasting on the public purse.

Feasting on the Public Purse
Photo by Henley Design Studio / Unsplash

I was invited to an gathering of men over the weekend.

There were about 60 of us there, ranging in age from mid-thirties though to early eighties. The occasion was simply to enjoy food and wine along with plenty of chat.

While I knew a dozen or so, it was a great occasion to make new acquaintances and enjoy some healthy discussion.

As it often does with me, the conversations usually turn to politics.

That's not my doing it's just that with my history, anyone interested in the subject loves to discuss the ins and outs of the political arena.

I enjoy it too, and because the people there were normal, we all accepted that others may have different views on any number of matters.  Conversation flowed without rankle or degenerating into abuse.

However, there was one thing we all seemed to agree on.

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