Extremist Animals Australia

Extremist lobby group Animals Australia have been embroiled in a 'cash for cruelty' scandal and have been linked to a payment of $148,000 to someone in order to facilitate animal cruelty

Extremist Animals Australia

Some serious claims were aired in parliament recently about a ‘cash for cruelty’ scandal involving Animals Australia.

Rick Wilson MP - Member for O'Connor and Senator Slade Brockman both gave speeches urging the Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt to cut ties with the extremist organisation.

Animals Australia have been revealed as paying $148,000 to a deckhand on board a live export ship. The deckhand has now reportedly disappeared. 

Animals Australia previously denied the payment, while Wilson said they groomed the deckhand. 

He said an email showed a worker suggested ventilation to the sheep could be closed in order to increase animal suffering.

Now, The Australian Livestock Exporters' Council has recently called for Animals Australia to disassociate themselves from Peter Singer, who was one of the founders of Animals Australia and the Greens political party, due to his comments on bestiality on Twitter.

I’ll remind you that Peter Singer was awarded Australia’s highest honour, the AC, while he uses his public profile to push the ethics of sexual contact with animals.

It’s simply outrageous.

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