Evils of Elitist Altruism

The same elitists that claim to be the solution to some of the most pressing societal issues. Here's your daily news digest for 24 November.

Evils of Elitist Altruism
Photo by Sander Sammy / Unsplash
The evils of elitist altruism
Billionaires pretend to have morals to avoid paying tax


Josie and Her Stickers: Don’t Welcome Me to My Own Country
Josie and Her Stickers: Don’t Welcome Me to My Own Country. By Joanna Hackett. In October, Quadrant Magazine published a short, satirical story of mine about Josie, an elderly woman who decid…
Federal Government Funding Attack On $100B In Vital Resources Projects During Energy Crisis
New analysis from the IPA shows that $100 billion in investment is currently under threat, with potential job losses of exceeding 174,000, if activist environment groups, which received vastly increased funding by the Albanese Government in October’s mini-Budget, succeed with their demands.
Senate expected to abolish bans on ACT and Northern Territory making their own euthanasia laws
A potential late-night sitting session next week is likely to overturn the 16-year-old federal ban


Defeated Bolsonaro challenges Brazil’s presidential election results
The country’s Superior Electoral Court has already ratified Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s victory, but the Brazilian president’s coalition says there are “signs of serious failures” in some electronic voting machines.
The knives are out for Brexit – again
Will the Remainer elites ever tire of their war on the democratic will?
Latin America: ‘China’s Backyard’
In the next two years, between 2022 and 2024, China, according to its joint plan with Latin American and Caribbean states, and as part of its quest to become the world’s global tech leader, envisages providing states in the region with 5,000 government

Business, Finance & Investment

Supply Chains, Trucking, and Inflation w/Gord | The Libertarian Institute
Gord joined me to discuss the work he’s been doing, and how the trucking industry is being affected by federal regulations. Gord Substack Discord Year Zero YouTube Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Patreon Subscribe at Rumble Autonomy Virtual Fox N Sons Cof…
Qantas to Earn $150 Million More Than Forecast
Qantas says ongoing strong travel demand means it now expects to make $150 million (US$99.6 million)more than it previously ...
Why you should add Private Credit to your portfolio
In this interview on Ausbiz Roger covers why Private Credit is a great addition to investors’ portfolios. Private credit is one-way businesses raise capital. Access to finance is essential for SME growth and unlike private equity, where investors contribute funds in exchange for a shareholding in th…


NHL Goes Full Woke, League’s Tweet Reveal That Even Hockey Is Too Far Gone
Even the National Hockey League has begun selling out to fanatical wokeness and politically correct “trans” ideology.
The Anti-Semitic Religion
To most Americans, there is no truly anti-Semitic religion. But this is an oversight. Once such religion exists among us in an unexpected place, proclaimed by a social rabble rouser. Many people have falsely accused Christianity of being anti-Semi...
UK: Police Investigate Teacher for Stating That Muslim Hijackers Were Responsible for 9/11
A criminal complaint has been filed against a teacher who pointed out the fact that Muslim hijackers were responsible for the September 11 attacks.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
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Bitcoin Volcano Bonds: El Salvador Sets Basis With Draft Law
The Bitcoin volcano bonds of the country of El Salvador have taken an major step towards issuance.
Bitcoin Regains $16K, But Analysts Are Still Bearish
The cryptocurrency has rebounded after it hit a two-year low in the past 24 hours, although one analyst said $12,500 is possible by year end.


Biden Postpones Student-Loan Repayments Again | National Review
The latest move marks the sixth time the Biden administration has paused the repayment plan.

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