Evil but Beloved by the Left

While the marxists are busy trying to rewrite history, there is one advocate of repugnant ideas that they dare not touch.

Evil but Beloved by the Left

Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that judges some people as being inferior in relation to others. It’s a supremacist movement that seeks to eliminate those deemed weak or having genetic defects or undesirable inheritable traits.

Eugenicists advocated for forced sterilisation of those suffering mental illness, the physically handicapped and some minority groups. Their ill-informed quest was to better human kind.

These ideas were embraced by many in society and the movement reached its peak horror when embraced by Adolf Hitler’s murderous regime during World War II.

But the evil of eugenics and the despicable views of those that celebrate it is not simply the preserve of despotic dictators from history. It was a movement embraced by many, including some notable figures that the political left celebrate as their own heroes.

People like John Kellogg (think of the cereal maker) were behind a Race Betterment Foundation and established a ‘pedigree registry’ while hosting national conferences on eugenics.

In the woke cancel culture we are now subject to, I wonder how long before there are calls to force Kellogg’s to change their corporate name!

However, there is one name which I bet the marxist activists won’t want erased from history. That is abortion queen and eugenics enthusiast Marie Stopes.

Her eponymous institution, Marie Stopes International is arguably the world largest abortion provider.   It receives hundreds of millions of dollars from governments across the globe to terminate pregnancies.

Now, whatever your view on abortion, isn’t it time we recognised Marie Stopes as having a disgusting view of human worth and merit.

She was a passionate eugenist and wanted to breed humans according to their genetic stock. Such was her obsession it was reported she cut off one of her sons because he married a woman with short-sight.

Stopes was simply obsessed with creating a superior race and is recorded by historian Geoffrey Alderman as “being a very proud public supporter of Nazism…she even sent Hitler a collection of love poems”.

In one poem she wrote ‘Catholics and Prussians, the Jews and the Russians, all are a curse, or something worse’.

It’s clear that Marie Stopes was an evil and murderous racial supremacist.

So why would the organisation that bears her name and once bore the slogan 'A Sure Light in our Racial Darkness’ be afforded any recognition by government or supported by any sane person.

In the UK they even put her face on a stamp!

In an age where cereal names are demanded to be changed because they have brown coloured ingredients, isn’t it time we consigned this woman’s place in history somewhere alongside her idol Adolf Hitler?

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