Even Their ABC is Waking Up

We're seeing the first cracks in the previously impenetrable wall as one of the holiest grails of of leftist dogma is now exposed as counterproductive.

Even Their ABC is Waking Up

You know things are bad politically when you are a Labor government and the ABC turns on you.

That's what appears to be happening with the hapless Albanese administration.

We're seeing the first cracks in the previously impenetrable wall as one of the holiest grails of of leftist dogma is now exposed as counterproductive.

While there are many pillars of the left to tear down, the ABC has finally picked up on the migration scam that is making our lives worse.

I should point out that it's not migration per se that's the problem, just that the numbers and standard of those coming here aren't doing us good.

They're now saying what we've all known for a long time.

Our immigration intake, meanwhile, is running at record levels with up to 600,000 arrivals expected this calendar year. If we continued at that rate for four years, there'd be enough people to fill a city the size of Brisbane.

And here's another little snippet highlighted by the most recent inflation data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Rents now are growing at their fastest pace in 14 years and are a key factor driving our inflation.

It's belated recognition that the political leaders who were elected to act in our national interest are instead doing the opposite.

While it's tempting to think that the ABC has seen the light, we should first heed the words of Aristotle:

“One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy”

Herein lies the conundrum for the government.

If they continue down the path of big and counterproductive migration, more people will start to blame them for the associated problems - inflation, congestion, housing affordability and so forth.

If the government decides to address these factors by slowing migration rates the overall economic figures will show our economy as faltering.

We all know the economy is bad in per capita terms but the government likes to hide behind the immigration inflated national figures.

Right now, the Albanese government will be assessing what is a better choice, for them, ahead of the next election.

I suspect they'll persist with the immigration Ponzi scheme so they can use the big picture economic defence.

That means most of the rest of us will be going backwards in real terms.

We'll be dealing with infrastructure that hasn't kept up with population. An electricity grid that is not fit for purpose. A medical system that is already under immense pressure. An out of control welfare and social support bill. A rental and housing crisis. Cost of living pressures and a declining share of the national pie.

All of these problems have been created by the clowns in Canberra.

All of it could have been avoided through better long-term vision and planning while implementing less ideological leftist policies.

I hasten to add that this is not a problem exclusively created by the current government. It's been a continuing failure through multiple administrations over many decades.

It's just that now the problem can no longer be denied - not even by their ABC.

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