Erasing Our Cultural Achievements

We are being asked to reject the foundations of our civilisation in favour of cultures and traditions that have little (if any) relevance to contemporary society.

Erasing Our Cultural Achievements
Photo by Nick van den Berg / Unsplash

The poison is spreading into every human endeavour.

I am referring to the ideology that portrays the achievements of the West as toxic and flawed while deifying the perennial underachievers.

Before I highlight the latest woke insanity infecting our institutions, reflecting on the West and its achievements is worthwhile.

While modern technological marvels are incredible, I am still in awe of some of the legacies of past millennia.

Anyone visiting Europe cannot help but be struck by the stonework attached to 1000-year-old buildings. They are as majestic today as they were centuries ago.

The artwork on the walls and ceilings of Churches has no comparable production in our modern world. Nor do the sculptures carved by hand from solid pieces of marble.

I can scarcely comprehend how an artist can carve these veiled figures, let alone paint the roof of the Sistine Chapel.

European has an extraordinary history of art and culture, conquest and civilisation.

It has served as the foundation for our country, customs and social mores.

I am proud of that and cherish the benefits we have received through the achievements of past generations.

And yet, we are repeatedly told that we should be ashamed of those achievements.

Iconic statues are being destroyed, books hidden and history erased while a new brand of myths replaces them.

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