Enslaved by Freedom

The communist left have been using our freedoms as a means to enslave us for decades. Then, as now, their focus is on our children.

Enslaved by Freedom
Photo by Jose Fontano / Unsplash

It's tempting to write about the female claiming to be male (or is it the male claiming to be a female) who shot up a Christian school in America. The early media reports are as confusing as the warped mind of the killer.

It's like the media don't want to identify this murderer as a trannie but don't know whether to say it is a male or a female.

In any event, I know an incident like this seems a world away to our many Australian readers.

We've got a lot on our plate at home and you may be thinking we don't have the same gun culture here so it really doesn't impact us.

That's true. We don't have the same gun ownership culture here, although guns have been part and parcel of Australian country life since the nation was founded.

In America, gun ownership there has been a cherished right since the Second amendment was ratified in 1791.

Firearms have always been around in huge numbers but mass shootings were far less common.

Something has clearly changed in society in recent decades.

That change has happened here too. We've got more mental health issues, more moral decay and less societal cohesion.

Some may argue that this is a 'natural progression' of a wealthy society.

The framework from which civilisation emerged, decays over time as the basics are assumed rather than nurtured. This leaves society to become soggy and unaccountable.

Read my first every blog post to get the difference between a 'crunchy' and a 'soggy' society.

It's certainly true that we have lost the normal boundaries that curtail human nature. However, what we are experiencing isn't the usual drift from which one can easily correct course.

Rather, it is a deliberate attack on society that is feeding the rot and polluting the minds of so many.

You can trace the origins back to early Marxists and social engineering theories including those of Georg Lukacs. He realised that if the family unit and sexual morals were eroded, society could be broken down.

Their goal was to spread Communism and the means of doing so was attacking these vital pillars of the west.

It's clear they have succeeded, with the help of many supposed non-communists.

I don't think there is a declared commie in our parliament but so many pursue the goals of this dehumanising ideology.

The continuing push to diminish the standing and importance of the natural family is obvious. Children are being forced into institutionalised child care at ever younger ages, allowing the state indoctrination to begin earlier.

That's why we have such an educational focus on climate change horrors, gender bending and racism. It's not for the kids but for the benefit of the State.

The more they push children down the 'helpless' path of victimhood, the more reliance they have on the State.

No individual can stop climate change, but the government can. The patriarchy wants you to stop getting ahead, let the government help you. Racism is everywhere so let government reverse the racism. On and on it goes.

Nowhere is this more creepy than in the change your gender movement.

Suddenly we have children being encouraged to make irreversible, life changing decisions, sometimes before they've even started school. They can even choose to butcher their bodies with state sanctioned consent before they can legally buy a beer.

Children are also being exposed to adult sexual concepts at ever younger ages.

The pattern here is clear.

If you accept children have bodily autonomy and can make life changing decisions, then you can suggest they can also provide sexual consent or adult like entertainment.

That leads to performances like this from a 13 year old boy who claims he is a girl.


It's really vile stuff.

It's no coincidence that some of these historical roots extend into far left politics. A 1980's working faction of the German Greens Party was directly involved in pro-pedophile activism (Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Schwule, Päderasten und Transsexuelle".)

While those openly pushing this agenda have faded into the background, we're now being more subtly herded to that end as our social mores are stripped away.

It's all being done in the name of freedom, tolerance and equity. That's delivering exactly what the Communists wanted all those years ago.

Now those very freedoms and ideals are being used as tools to enslave us all.

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