Email to an MP

A Confidential subscriber sent through an email he sent to his local MP with permission to republish. He makes some excellent points

Email to an MP

Hey James,

I just wanted to touch base and hope that you can at least note my concerns below.

In light of the Prime Ministers address yesterday, I wanted to again convey my concern and disdain at the federal governments ever increasing overreach.

Unfortunately it has got to a point, that we cannot believe a word from either the federal government or state government (that I voted for), as the past 12+ months has proven.

We have seen our rights under our Constitution and the International Bill of Human Rights go out the window!

Extremely disappointing particularly by the political party that supposedly believes and extolls in ‘we the peoples’ inalienable rights!

After being labelled a “Kook” and “Conspiracy Theorist” by you in our phone call last December the 8th 2020, (and that’s ok, you’re not the only one), for my concern that the Morrison government would ever mandate any vaccination in Australia on any level, my distrust and scepticism has been 100% warranted and proven correct!

Unless you can spin your comment here another way?

“As the Prime Minister has outlined, our government’s position is that we encourage all Australians to receive the vaccine, and we are working hard to ensure every Australian who wants a vaccine will be able to get one. However, the Prime Minister has made it clear that the vaccine will not be mandatory.

Just curious… aged health workers are mandated to have the ‘jab’ now… which group is next? Then what group after that? And then what group after that?

So we the people have NO CHOICE or informed consent on a ‘vaccine’ that is currently in an experimental trial until 2023 and according to the TGA’s own website is responsible for at least 318 deaths so far .

I also note that this strain of influenza (COVID-19) the vaccine is supposed to protect us from has claimed NO lives in Australia this year (according to Greg Hunt).

I don’t expect or want a canned response, pointing to another country in the world to justify life changing and freedom destroying decisions being made for us here. That is not how this country is supposed to work or why tens of thousands of lives have been lost and blood spilt defending our freedoms and the ideals we cherish.

Just know, that the views represented here by me, are also shared by an ever growing group in the Sturt electorate that are now meeting regularly and are outraged by the overreach and what is happening to our once great country.

Thank you for your time,

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