Elite Opinion

Now even graffiti artists are mouthpieces of bourgeois orthodoxy.

Elite Opinion
Photo by Ana Flávia / Unsplash
Banksy and the tyranny of elite opinion
Now even graffiti artists are mouthpieces of bourgeois orthodoxy.


New ABS Data Confirms Highest 12-Month Net Migration In History
“ABS data shows the federal government has failed to get control of Australia’s migration intake, despite promises it would. This failure is making housing unaffordable for Australians and, as the RBA confirmed, is driving up inflation,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.
Labor on brink of historic win in SA byelection to snatch former Liberal premier’s seat
Cressida O’Hanlon has significant lead in Dunstan though there are many early votes yet to be counted


Could corruption bring down Spain’s government again? | The Spectator Australia
Just four months into its second term, Spain’s Socialist-led government is already mired in corruption allegations. The latest scandal emerged this week and focuses on the wife of prime minister Pedro…
GOP Attempts to Ban CCP-Owned Tutoring Service from Military Families
Republican lawmakers are attempting to ban the use of a Chinese-owned tutoring company by U.S. military service members and their families.

Business, Finance & Investment

To Gain More Value, Buy A More Expensive Home
If you’re aiming for more value and cost-efficiency, you might find it surprising that opting for a more expensive home over a median-priced one could be the way to go. While it may seem counterintuitive, let me explain. Since purchasing a pricier home in the fourth quarter of 2023, my family and I have been
S&P 500 Hits 20th Record This Year in Risk-On Push: Markets Wrap
(Bloomberg) -- The relentless rally in stocks powered ahead on optimism the Federal Reserve will be able to engineer a soft landing, which would bolster the outlook for corporate earnings.Most Read from BloombergNY Gears Up to Seize Trump Westchester Assets If Fraud Fine Is UnpaidBaltimore Wants to Sell Hundreds of Vacant Homes for $1 EachYemen’s Houthis Tell China, Russia Their Ships Won’t Be TargetedWhat Happens If Trump Can’t Post His $454 Million BondJustice Department to Sue Apple for Antit


The White House Makes Good on Its Antitrust Threats ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Just as the FDA and CDC became marketing and enforcement arms of Pfizer and Moderna, so too the Justice Department is now revealed as a censor and industrial promoter of Samsung.
FDA Settles Ivermectin Case, Agrees to Remove Controversial ‘Stop It’ Post
FDA Settles Ivermectin Case, Agrees to Remove Controversial ‘Stop It’ Post. DC-Draino: Remember when Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize and had decades of data showing its safety and effectiveness, and t…
University of Dayton professor suggests Bible says men breastfed and gender is a ‘colorful spectrum’
A professor at the University of Dayton suggested in an op-ed that the Bible paints gender as a spectrum.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Macro Expert Luke Gromen Says He’s ‘Super’ Bullish on Bitcoin for Next Six to 12 Months – Here’s Why - The Daily Hodl
Veteran investor Luke Gromen says he sees Bitcoin (BTC) rising over the coming months on the back of a favorable macroeconomic backdrop.
Rails launches with $6.2M round for its decentralized FTX alternative | TechCrunch
Rails, a decentralized crypto exchange, has raised $6.2 million in attempts to fill the void FTX left behind after crashing in 2022, the startup’s


Prenatal Lives Count … At Least Sometimes
William Kelly was charged with killing Christine Falzone by blunt force trauma in New Hampshire last December. At the time of her death, Falzone was 35-37 weeks pregnant, i.e., less than a month away from giving birth. Is William Kelly guilt…

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