Efficient and Reliable Electricity

The power problem is only going to get worse thanks to the push to renewables. The globally proven solution is still shunned by the uninformed.

Efficient and Reliable Electricity
Photo by Lukáš Lehotský / Unsplash

I know not everyone is enamoured with nuclear energy.

It's not my job to convince them but, in the absence of using fossil fuels, it is the only realistic base load power generation alternative available.

Everything else is akin to throwing hundred dollar notes into the wind.

Last week I mentioned how misguided the objections of Chris Bowen was to even the possibility of nuclear power in this country.

I also cited the Finnish experience of turning on a new nuclear power station in April which saw power prices drop by 75 per cent.

We can only contrast that with our own expected near 30 per cent rise expected in July.

Like us, Finland has plenty of renewables but they also have 30 per cent of power supplied by the base load nuclear energy.

Now it appears they have a new problem.

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