Don't Interrupt Your Enemies

When two forces opposed to the West start to battle each other. We should just leave them to it.

Don't Interrupt Your Enemies
Photo by denis pan / Unsplash

Sometimes, the Chinese Communist Party make some excellent points.

Fresh from removing 'sissy boys' from their television screens, limiting children's video game time and asking their celebrities to set a good example, they've taken aim at a new target.

This time, George Soros is in their sights.

Soros is a billionaire plutocrat who funds a barrage of leftist organisations through his Open Societies Foundation. He also openly supports The Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum.

Soros is a champion of agendas many consider undermine Western civilisation, including the green dream of reinventing capitalism. I can only presume he believes everyone else should think the same.

That would explain why Soros penned a blistering opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about his investment rivals putting their money to work in the dictatorship of China.

The smart money suspects his displeasure has less to do with the Chinese totalitarianism and more to do with their failure to adhere to the 'ESG' mantra proving so popular amongst the green left.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. It's the equivalent of a COVID mask for the funds management industry. Tacking that acronym onto your money-running business signals surrender to the zeitgeist rather than effectiveness.

After Soros had spent much of this year bad-mouthing China, the CCP fired back through their propaganda newspaper.

The Global Times said Soros was "despised by many worldwide for triggering and profiting from crises." They added:

Soros' investment company recently liquidated its positions in a number of US-listed Chinese companies such as Tencent Music Entertainment, Baidu Inc and Vipshop Holdings, his latest criticism against China looks more like a venting of his frustration about heavy investment losses.

Given Soros' history of supporting the bookie's favourite runner, self-interest, the Global Times may have a point.

However, they may be both correct.

Soros may be 'talking his book' as they say in the investment world, but his criticism of China is also on the money.

Chinese corporate governance is woeful. The CCP's protection of intellectual property is almost non-existent, and corporations cannot trust the Communist government.

For the rest of us, a growing spat between the evil empire and the largest funder of leftist causes in the world is good news.

It's a case of not interrupting your enemies when they are making a mistake, or in this instance when they are attacking each other!

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