Descent Into Anarchy

The lessons of New York City are testament to the pitfalls and perils of the Leftist agenda for us all. Let's learn the lessons before it is too late.

Descent Into Anarchy

My musings on the US Presidential election yesterday sparked many responses. It also prompted me to consider what is happening in some areas of America that the Australian press would rather you not know about.

When full COVID mania was underway, the mainstream media couldn't get enough coverage of the death tolls in New York City (NYC). The false claims of morgues filled with bodies and makeshift hospitals swamped with casualties was a nightly broadcast staple.

It was all designed to scare the public into compliance.

False as many mainstream media stories were (CBS confused Italy with America), the death toll was relatively high, even when you account for the bogus statistics we have discussed previously.

This was a demonstrable failing of the NY political leadership, but like most lefties, to cover themselves, they accused others of their own sins.

Then there was the Marxist movement known as Black Lives Matter, which is just an excuse to enrage already marginalised communities into lawlessness. They sought to blame the police for the criminality and hopelessness in many black communities, a message that was embraced by competing idiots within the political and media realm.

That stupidity saw cities like New York defund their police force as an appeasement to the feral left.

Well, the results of the insanity of the past few months are now in.

I recently spoke with a childhood friend who has lived in NYC for over thirty years. My first question was whether things were as bad there as some online reports show.

Here's his response:

Yes it is! Di Blasio the mayor is a useless piece of s*#t. When the George Floyd death happened and all the millennials and anarchists went nuts, everyone was pandering to BLM. The cops were treated as if they are all racist. It was terrible and all these a**holes like Nancy Pelosi just pandered to the mob.
They passed a new law in NYC to pander to BLM where cops can’t use force against a perp on chest or back. So the police union has asked “how do we arrest someone if they resist”. No answer. Now all the animals are running wild and the cops are not responding and making arrests because they can be held personally liable. This is a perfect case of social media, white people pandering to blacks and democrats trying to prove he is the most progressive. They want to defund the police BUT when they get shot or burgled, guess who it is they call?
It is just a f#*%ing joke and I feel like all the white apologetic liberals just pander as long as it isn’t in their back yard. But wait, now di Blasio has shipped in peadophiles and drug addicts to upper west side hotels because of Covid. You can’t make this s*#t up.

When I was In NYC for three months in 2016, I felt I was in the safest city in the world. I walked the streets from Harlem to Downtown with my family without fear. A stroll through Midtown at any time of day or night was safer than walking many streets in Adelaide. There was a police presence on almost every corner.

Feeling safe in such a big place was part of the reason I fell in love with the city. It seemed open to everyone all the time.

Now, things are different. Where once I strolled through Midtown, the junkies and perverts have taken up residence on the pavement. Shootings are up, and law-abiding residents are fleeing the city.

All the thugs and animals are brazen because they know the cops won’t react. They have taken a great city and destroyed it in a matter of months. Will take decades to recover. Very sad. And the conversation I have to have with my kids sucks - I can’t let them walk to school.
And don’t forget the pandering of Di Blasio supporting BLM being painted on 5th Avenue outside Trump's building. The city needs help from the Feds so this d*$khead decides to wind up Trump. Really can’t make it up.

We have witnessed the effective destruction of one of the world's greatest cities in the space of a few months. NYC is the Petri Dish for the sort of policies the left will enact whenever they have the chance.

And then you look at other cities like Portland and Seattle. Animals and Antifa taking over - and these left wing mayors and congressmen and women just pander and don’t denounce it. Trump calls them thugs and is branded a racists. Meanwhile they can destroy federal property and act like animals and the media call them “peaceful protesters”.

Make no mistake, the mission of the feral left is to destroy the current normality to engender a great 'reset' where they can rebuild society according to their whims. Incredibly, rather than be adult about the results of their (in)actions they seek to blame everyone else.

Here's my NY pal again:

And it is Trumps fault according to the left!! What did Obama and sleepy Joe do in 8 years - NOTHING! In fact Chicago crime has multiples with I think at least 1,000 murdered a year on the south side! And all Trump did was stop illegals coming in, had the best economy ever and lowest black unemployment ever. The media over here are the absolute worst.

He's right; the media over there are the absolute worst, and ours aren't far behind. They are more cheerleaders than news outlets.

If you think the experience of NYC, Seattle and Portland can't happen here, you need to think again. The same global movement of anarchists is seeking to undo our stability and sense of community to further their own ends.

As we have seen in NYC and other cities in the US, the descent into chaos can happen before most people even know it has begun.

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