Deliberate Deception

Scammers rely on predictability of human nature to maximise their gains. Government uses the same technique to manipulate us all.

Deliberate Deception

You may be familiar with my regular advice to 'trust nothing, verify everything'.

I repeat it so often because so much of what is pushed via the Internet, the media and politics is misleading or totally fabricated.

Even the most skeptical person is vulnerable to fake news that they want to believe is true which is how some nonsensical theories spread quickly across the globe.

The deliberate deceivers know how to trigger emotional reactions from individuals and they deploy this information in all manner of scams.

They also know that if someone has been conned out of their money, then they are more likely to fall for a similar ruse again.

This sounds counterintuitive but it is accurate. That's why some people are falling for a new scam.

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