Deleting Education Technology

Introducing the 'toolbox of the future' into classrooms has delivered worse educational outcomes. At least one school is fighting back.

Deleting Education Technology
Photo by Compare Fibre / Unsplash

Finally, there's some hope for our education system.

An elite Sydney school has banned laptops from the classroom, a move designed to restore the traditional teacher-student relationship and enhance learning.

Do you remember when disastrous Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promised every school student a 'toolbox of the future' as part of his grab-bag of BS promises?

Naturally, he never delivered, but it set the scene that kids needed a computer to learn in the classroom. . The result has been a disaster with a continual decline in academic standards and serious concentration problems for young students.

In a world where many people can barely be apart from their tech for a few minutes, seven hours without being glued to a screen is a blessing.

The school in question is Sydney Grammar - an elite institution that charges up to $45,000 a year for the privilege of attending.

Under the policy:

All note-taking and annotations are handwritten. It does make classroom management easier because I can see everything students are doing at a glance as I walk around the room.

The evidence of how this benefits students is more than just anecdotal.

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