Defending Freedom

The greatest weakness of the West is that our greatest strengths are being used against us.

Defending Freedom
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

The age of intolerance is upon us.

That might be alright if we didn't tolerate the intolerant, but we do. As such, they are using our own acceptance to undermine the very freedoms we are trying to uphold.

It's the societal equivalent of giving our executioner the rope with which to fashion a noose.

We see it in all spheres of life from education to industry, families to foreign policy.

As we have abandoned defence of our traditions, the cultural termites are busy destroying the house wisdom and experience have built.  

It's dangerous and will ultimately prove our undoing but the stupidity attached to the new realm is quite something to behold.

That foolishness is readily observable but sometimes you hear about something that makes you weep for the collective wisdom of humanity.

That's what I saw last week.

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