Deathly Embrace

The working classes lose out when identity politics rules.

Deathly Embrace
Photo by Ahmed Adly / Unsplash
The left’s deathly embrace of Islamic identitarianism
The Rochdale by-election confirms that the working classes lose out when identity politics rules.


‘We confronted them’: Ex-politician accused of spying was recruited during term in parliament
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation director general Mike Burgess has provided a few more details about a former politician accused of helping an international spy ring.
Time for Marles to steer HMAS Defence - The Centre for Independent Studies
The announcement by Defence Minister Richard Marles to restructure Navy’s surface fleet — by integrating two dozen or more major …


Why an Indian Ocean island has become a battleground in French politics | The Spectator Australia
A tiny island in the Indian Ocean is the latest battleground in France’s immigration debate. High immigration into Mayotte, a French territory where around 80 per cent of people live below the poverty…
Iran: Twin Elections and Ayatollahs’ Solo Performance
Whatever the turnout, it is clear that not a single critic of the current domestic and foreign policies will be elected. The two assemblies are likely to return as more ardently committed than before to follow the “Supreme Guide” wherever he is heading.
James Biden Confirms Joe Biden Received Funds Originating from Chinese Firm | National Review
The string of transactions began when Hunter Biden received a $400,000 cash infusion from a joint venture with Chinese firm CEFC.

Business, Finance & Investment

Obtaining A Top 1% Net Worth Is Easier Than Ever Before
Net worth composition for the top 1%
Inflation remains sticky in Europe, with core prices cooling less than expected
The headline figure previously came in at 2.8% in January, with further easing expected after price rises cooled in Germany, France and Spain.


Pope labels gender ideology ‘ugliest danger’
“Canceling out the differences” between men and women threatens humanity, Pope Francis has said
University of Florida eliminates DEI offices, sacks all staff
University of Florida eliminates DEI offices, sacks all staff. By Alissa Gray at the Alligator. UF fired 13 full-time diversity, equity and inclusion positions and ended 15 administrative appointme…
U.S. Government Legalized Weather Modification Activities in 1971
Determining the secret actions of U.S. government employees and politicians is difficult. The common American cannot access classified or other secret information, and sometimes government employees might destroy or otherwise get rid of documents…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
A Complete Guide to Bitcoin Transaction Fees
Find the ins and outs of Bitcoin transaction fees: how they’re calculated, why they matter, and tips for minimizing costs. A must-read guide.
Investors FOMOing Into Bitcoin ETFs As Price Eyes New Highs
A BlackRock ETF investing in Bitcoin saw record inflows of $520 million on Wednesday, marking the largest daily intake for any US ETFs.


Washington Post Blames Conservatives for Crime Surge ‘Moral Panic’
A new Washington Post report has garnered backlash for blaming empty store shelves on “capitalism” and conservative-driven “moral panic.”

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