Davos is Coming

The Davos attendees are a who's who of global elites, grifters and rent seekers. Their means of 'improving' the world are unlikely to benefit you.

Davos is Coming
Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash

It's that time of year when the global elites are fuelling up their private jets, preparing to set off the the Swiss resort town of Davos in order to plan the future of the world.

That future includes these emission emitting leaders planning a society where your use of industrialisation is subjugated to their climate change whims.

The organisers of the Davos get together, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, want to add more crony to capitalism while allowing you to eat bugs and own nothing.

They claim that's what will make you happy.


The true extent of influence of the Davos cabal is usually publicly denied while simultaneously they openly talk about their plans between themselves.

Even when the plans are revelaed publicly, they are not widely covered by mainstream media. I can only wonder why.

However, one recent leak makes for very interesting reading. It's a list of those who have registered to attend next weeks summit.

The Dossier is the group that released the information. They write:

The WEF is the chief coalition builder for what amounts to a public-private fascist movement. Over the years, they've partnered with the most influential individuals in business, along with central bankers, governmental head honchos, and international organisations, in order to facilitate their top-down vision for technocratic tyranny, or what they call “stakeholder capitalism.”

The WEF seeks to deliberately roll back human progress, innovation, and personal flourishing, under the guise of saving the planet from a so-called climate emergency.

It's not hard to see the coalition of elites when perusing the attendees as they cover academia, business and politics.

From an Australian perspective, some of those named on the list include:

  • Peter Holmes a Court; Special Correspondent, Australian Financial Review
  • Genevieve Bell; Distinguished Professor; Director, School of Cybernetics Australian National University
  • Julie Bishop; Chancellor Australian National University
  • Mike Henry; Chief Executive Officer BHP Group
  • Timothy Ayres; Assistant Minister for Trade Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia

Now, just because these people are attending doesn't mean they are part of the elite clique wanting to rule the world but they will be rubbing shoulders with a batch of people who do.

There will be representatives from Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Business, Big Finance, Big Oil and Big Rent-seekers all swapping big ideas and business cards at this global 'networking' event.

You can download the list of attendees below.

Of course international master grifter, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy will also be a key note speaker.

I have no doubt he will demand more money and weapons while seeking to draw the world into WW3 to support his corrupt government.

He'll probably get what he wants too.

Few of the Davos crowd seem intent on avoiding global conflict.

Instead, the global alliances appear to be forming in preparation for war.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are lining up against Iran. Russia is aligning with North Korea, China and Iran. North Korea is amassing forces preparing for conflict with the South. China is preparing to take Taiwan while the USA is trying to build an enhanced Pacific alliance of its own.

The WEF mantra is 'committed to improving the state of the world' but I'd hazard a guess that that 'improvement' is not about finding allowing people to live and let-live, instead fuelling division in an attempt to entrench their own power.

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