Danger Lies Within

When some Australians gather together to proclaiming terrorists as 'martyrs' , it's clear there is a dangerous element at work within our community.

Danger Lies Within

Yesterday, we gained an insight into a growing problem in this country.

Our immigration system is not working toward national cohesiveness or shared values. Instead, it atomises us into clusters of disparate ideologies where loyalty to race, creed or colour triumphs over allegiance to Australia.

While a country that celebrates freedom should accept diverse ideas, some ideas are so vile they shouldn't be tolerated.

And while abhorrent ideas may be held by those born and bred here, we can avoid more of them by being more cautious about those whom we allow to migrate to this nation.

It makes little sense to allow those whose views are entirely at odds with our values and social mores to come here so that they can try and change the things we cherish.

That's why the news yesterday was so alarming and enlightening.

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