Creeping Authoritarianism

The authoritarian agenda is creeping across the Western world. The latest moves by Canada and Australia should have us all concerned.

Creeping Authoritarianism
Photo by Ricardo Arce / Unsplash

In another sign that the West is following the tyrant nations they have purported to oppose for so long, Canada's disgraced Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has launched another assault on freedom.

After a career mired in scandal, including being sacked for sexual harassment, wearing blackface, de-banking citizen protesters and applauding a NAZI in the parliament, Trudeau now wants to impose new censorship powers.

The target this time is the podcasting industry.

The Online Streaming Act goes into effect on Nov. 28, meaning any online streaming service that operates in Canada and generates revenue of more than $10 million in a given year will have to register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). 

While the income threshold may sound like a lot, it's not that much when you think of the myriad podcasts streamed by services like Spotify.

Under the regulations, it seems that these streaming services will have to register each podcast and the nature of the content supplied.

What possible purpose could this have except for censorship?

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